How to clean up whiteboard photos with apps

I used to use a software called Pixid Whiteboard Photo (for Windows) that could transform a photo of a whiteboard, remove the glare, fix the perspective if the image wasn’t square, all with a few clicks. The resulting enhanced image quality is even suitable for optical character recognition (OCR) software. See this before and after photo:

before after

Then Polyvision bought out this software company in 2000, and somewhere along the line, the software is no more and discontinued. This software was called Steelcase / Polyvision Model 636 Whiteboard Photo Image Capturing Software and retailed for $221 but also discontinued. There’s another similar functioning software called ClearBoard for $99.95. And there’s source code for Save My Whiteboard for Mac. Also found ScanScribe (Windows/Mac) from Xerox Parc.


There are 2 web apps that can do this conversion, one via email at and another one at (gone: Ricoh Whiteboard Cleanup).

You’d think there’d be more software readily available for this, but I haven’t found many. There is a workaround for cleaning up whiteboard photos using Gimp or Photoshop.

There are smartphone apps that can do this convert a whiteboard photo into a neatly clean image, like:

Instructions for how to clean up whiteboard images in Photoshop: – Cleaning Digital Photos of Drawings


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