How to Delete Contact Lists in Skype

This Skype bug was noticed in September 2015, where Skype users (myself included) could not delete a Contact List, formerly know as Contact Groups, as noted in the Skype Community:

You know you had deleted a Skype contact list the other day, but when you signed in to Skype, the list was there again. What happened?

The solution was found in a thread, How to delete Skype lists that were originally Messenger Groups? that called these Skype contact lists “zombie lists” and here’s the steps involved to permanently deleting these contact lists:

  1. Go to People app website <> and sign in to your Microsoft account (same account that you use for Skype).
  2. Make sure you are signed in to Skype Desktop as well.
  3. In the People site, on the left side, find each Skype list (Messenger group; hereafter called “group”) you want to remove.
    • For ease of searching, try disabling some of the contact types (such as Outlook, Skype, Messenger) in the Settings menu until only the groups you want to remove are mostly shown. The menu appears when you click the gear icon near your name on top right.
  4. Click on the group, so the contacts (if any) are listed on right.
  5. Click on Delete in the top bar, then click on Delete in the popup to confirm.screenshot showing how to delete contact list (group) in People app
    • Note that the deleted group may still appear in the left list – this is a bug of People app. If you reload the site, it will go away.
  6. Go to Skype Desktop’s Contacts pane, and open the group.
  7. Click on the Delete icon near the group name, and click Delete button to confirm.
    screenshot showing how to delete contact list (group) in Skype desktop
  8. Repeat the two delete actions (steps 3 to 7) for each group you want to remove.

Making Info Easier to Find

When I have a difficult time finding the answer to a question I have, I’ll do the research, and then post my findings in a blog post. And from the most popular posts at one of my blogs, you can see that other people are looking for these things too. Rather than everyone spending hours looking for the answers, I’ll do my part to share the answers I found and make it easier for others to find the answer more quickly when they go using search engines:

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Descriptions of AXE men’s fragrances

Descriptions of AXE men’s fragrances

AXE is a popular brand of men’s fragrances, described as: “Premium daily fragrance. Stay smelling great. All day.” And its usage is described simply: “A single spritz to the pulse points on your wrists, forearms and neck is all you need.”

Here is a quick reference of all the AXE fragrances and a description of its scents, all on one page, compiled from

A rich, spicy fragrance that combines fresh and fruity notes. Sweet sandalwood and white amber leave you feeling refreshed.

A classically masculine, sophisticated fragrance with an addictive edge. Crisp notes of green fruits, sandalwood and fresh sage keep you smelling great.

An energizing fragrance with fresh citrus. Mint, cedar and sandalwood undertones keep you refreshed all day.

A subtle, sweet fragrance with a hint of spice. A blend of hot chocolate, amber and red peppercorn.

A fragrance that captures your light and dark sides. A deep, woody aroma and a hint of oriental spice.

A woody fragrance with a hint of sweetness. A blend of coconut, hazelnut and caramel notes.

An exciting blend of green fruits and spicy, sweet notes. Molten chocolate is mixed with fresh citrus and smoky amber for a darkly sweet, masculine scent.

A calming and sophisticated fragrance with a masculine mix of citrus, pepper and ginger.

A masculine and aromatic fragrance that blends coconut, hazelnut and caramel.

An intriguing fragrance with a strong, youthful edge. Zesty freshness, musk and dry woods create a fresh yet warm aroma.

A classic, fruity fragrance featuring lavender, geranium and citrus. Its earthly composition and subtle blend of wood and fruit refresh the senses.

Should you get Amazon Cloud Drive?

Good question. Especially enticing is the “unlimited cloud storage from Amazon” for just $59.99 per year (at the time of this blog post).

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 12.30.55 PM.png

Unlimited space sounds great, but you have to get your files uploaded there. And that’s not as easy as it could be or should be. Should you pay for unlimited everything? Your answer may vary, and the thing you’d want to find out is how fast you can upload files. That depends on your Internet connection and how well the Amazon Cloud Drive app software works from your computer’s laptop.

Screen_Shot_2016-04-02_at_11_06_23_AM.pngHow fast is Amazon Cloud Drive uploading? Some feedback found in the Amazon help community:

Cloud Drive Desktop – resume uploading: “… if you restart your computer while the Cloud Drive is trying to upload your files, it will stop the process and you will have to start over.”

I have been uploading 2.5TB backup for 9 weeks now. This far 1TB is uploaded and 1.5TB left. As my upstream bandwidth is about about 15Mbit, this first 1TB should have taken about 10 days, not 9 weeks. There is definitely some heavy throttling going on. The first 0.5TB took 3 weeks, while the next 0.5TB took 6 weeks. If the throttling keeps slowing this down, it may never complete.  … Now 2 months later upload is almost complete. looks lile the speed is fairly consistent at 0.6TB / month.

Do you want to wait for days and weeks to upload a large file? No. Mostly likely not. From my own experience and other indicators, the best answer is looking like: “Not yet.”


History of

Curious about the history of ForMinistry? It was a notable initiative that provided free church websites in the 199-Year History of Innovative Bible Outreach by American Bible Society: “Launched, a service that provided websites at no cost to churches and ministries to encourage them to lend their voice on the Internet

And, on a personal note, it was a program for which I worked for about 6 years myself. It closed its doors and went offline in November 2013.

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 3.51.47 PM

Here’s an excerpt from the closing announcement posted via

Notice of ForMinistry Transition

Dear ForMinistry Editors:

An important decision has been reached after prayerful and careful consideration about After over a decade of serving the church in web ministry, ForMinistry will permanently shut down on October 31, 2013.

This decision was not reached lightly.

Since 1999, the ForMinistry platform has offered free web-building services to thousands of small-to-mid-sized churches. We removed cost barriers for churches interested in exploring this new online frontier and also provided inclusion into a larger online church directory. American Bible Society enabled more than 180,000 churches to benefit from these free resources.

However, the market has changed and today numerous choices for web-building providers are available to meet these needs. They range from free to fee-based offerings depending on the array of features desired; we believe that these tools are better placed to keep pace with ongoing changes and serve the needs of the church community.

American Bible Society has decided to defer to the current market leaders and focus its resources on other Bible engagement efforts. Refocusing our energies as we transition this service will enable us to forge new ways to serve the church — investing in innovative digital efforts needed by the church today.