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when Google Chrome can’t reach internet but Safari can — September 26, 2020

when Google Chrome can’t reach internet but Safari can

Recently ran into this on my MacBook Air, where I could connect to the internet via wifi on Safari, but I would get an error, “This site can’t be reached” on Google Chrome. That’s weird, right?


After some research on search engines, I found my own solution, that wasn’t mentioned on the pages I looked at, while tinkering around, and depending on your settings, this could be the fix you need.

In my Chrome settings chrome://settings/security under Advanced, there was a section: Use secure DNS. I had recently turned that setting on, but apparently it wasn’t working today and stopped my Chrome from accessing the internet.

To fix that DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_BAD_SECURE_CONFIG error, all I had to do was toggle OFF the Use secure DNS setting, and my Google Chrome browser is working again.

Error Message in Google Chrome Browser

This site can’t be reached’s server IP address could not be found.

Checking the proxy, firewall, and Secure DNS configuration


Check your Secure DNS settings
Check your secure DNS settings. You may have configured a secure DNS server to which connections are failing.

Allow Chrome to access the network in your firewall or antivirus settings.
If it is already listed as a program allowed to access the network, try removing it from the list and adding it again.

How to close an account — September 18, 2020

How to close an account

Free conference call service has been around for more than 10 years. I remember using it back in 2008.

And actually, has other paid conferencing plans for more users and more minutes and more features.

How to Cancel Account

To close your InstantConference account, there is not an easy one-click way to do that. You’ll have to contact Support at – the contact form requires conference dial-in number, access code, contact phone number, email, name, and put “close account” in the subject and description. pricing — September 8, 2020 pricing

Let’s Monitor offers free monitors for SSL Certificate Validity at and has simple pricing for other types of monitors:

Upgrading unlocks advanced monitor types, and allows for unlimited SMS messages.

Monitor Types

The following monitor types are available


The website monitor uses our global network of monitoring stations to make sure your website is available and responsive from around the world. The website monitor continuously checks your site for the following issues:

  • If the site is up or down
  • If the site loads within a time that you set
  • If DNS is responding
  • If content on the site matches what you expect (see the ‘match phrase’ item)
  • How long it takes to resolve DNS, connect to the site and download the HTML
  • For secure sites, whether the certificate is matches the domain
  • For secure sites, whether the certificate is expired
  • For secure sites, whether the certificate is valid
  • If the URL redirects, that the target exists

  Certificate Validity

The certificate monitor is used to check validity of certificates and alert you prior to your certificates expiring:

  • Whether the certificate is accessible
  • Whether the certificate is matches the domain
  • Whether the certificate is expired
  • Whether the certificate is valid
  • Whether the certificate has a revoked root CA
  • Whether the certificate supports a cipher that has been deprecated

  Google Safe Browsing

The Google Safe Browsing monitor checks if your site has been flagged by the Google Safe Browsing service for hosting malware or being a phishing site.

Google provides this service in order to warn users to websites that the site is unsafe. It is also used by security systems to prevent users from browsing listed sites.

If you are listed, it is an indication that your site has been compromised and/or infected with malware.

  Domain Blocklist

This monitor checks if your domain has been blocklisted, using the most reputable blocklists. This can occur if a certain threshold of complaints are received by the listing services. Website domains can be blocklisted by appearing on emails that are considered spam.

However, you do not actually need to be engaged in spam to get listed. Domains are listed based on algorithms that can trap non-spammers unknowingly.

The effect of being blocklisted is that most of your emails will no longer be delivered.

  Email Blocklist

This monitor checks if your email server’s I.P. address has been blocklisted, using the most reputable blocklists. This can occur if your email server is misconfigured (as an open relay), compromised or is sending spam.

Like domain blocklists, you do not actually need to be engaged in spam to get listed. Email servers can be blocklisted due to hacks, or in some cases, because the server’s I.P. address is close to a spam sending email server’s I.P. address.

The effect of being blocklisted is that most of the email transmitted by your server will not be delivered. Generally, the emails are simply dumped – not routed or delivered.

  DNS Expected Values

The DNS monitor uses our global network of monitoring stations to make sure your DNS values have not changed. You can set up specific checks at specific stations in the case of regional differences in DNS record values.

The DNS monitor supports checking all common DNS record types. You add a record type and expected value, and if that changes you will alerted. This protects against malicious or accidental changes.

You can populate the expected values with your existing DNS values by clicking on the ‘Get Existing Values’ button.

  Botnet/Malicious User Detection

This monitors suspicious or fraudulent users and alerts you when the user quality score drops below a threshold. This is enabled by placing a JavaScript snippet on your pages.

We score each user on your website based on algorithms that detect the likelyhood that a user is a bot. To see how we score users, click here.

User quality is scored as a number from 0-1000. Lower is worse. Quality scores are catergorized as follows:

Score RangeCategory
0 to 99Invalid – there is nearly a certainty that these users are not valid. Being in this category indicates that the user failed a determinitive test on validity. The strongest policies should be put in place for these users.
100 to 200Low Quality – The users failed one or more non-determinitive checks.
200 to 500No major issues found with the users, but it is possible minor issues were found.
500 to 1000In the future, we will be implementing whitelisting checks for users. If a user passes a whitelist check, they will score above 500.

Once implemented, there is sophisticated reporting available on the types and origins of the malicious users and bots.

  Real User Performance

Monitors global load times and satisfaction levels from real users. Find issues based on real user experiences. Optimize your site’s performance based on dozens of attributes including location and device. This is enabled by placing a JavaScript snippet on your pages.

We monitor the following metrics for issues:

DNS TimeThe average amount of time DNS resolution takes.
Response TimeThe average amount of time the webserver takes to begin the response to the user.
Interactive TimeThe average amount of time in milliseconds before the page becomes interactive.

Once implemented, there is sophisticated reporting available on performance issues that can be segmented by:

  • Geolocation
  • Browser
  • Platform
  • Device
  • Time of Day

…and many other attributes. You can even compare traffic levels to performance issues to determine if you need extra capacity.

  TCP Port

The TCP Port monitor checks if a server is accepting TCP connection requests on a specific I.P. address port. No commands are sent, and the connection is immediately closed. This is used as a way to determine if services are accessible.


The ping monitor simply tests if an I.P. address or host is responding to pings. This can be any device, as long as it supports the ICMP protocal and is not blocked by a firewall.

SocialCross was a Christian Social Network — August 2, 2020

SocialCross was a Christian Social Network

A good number of social networks have existed over the years by Christians and for Christians. According to this Christian Post article (August 2017)—New SocialCross Website Offers Christians an Alternative to Facebook—one Christian network launched very quickly, called SocialCross—

In just three weeks since it has been launched, over 2,300 users have signed up for SocialCross” … the website’s co-founder, Rich Penkoski, a West Virginia-based preacher and co-founder of the online pre-denominational ministry Warriors for Christ, told The Christian Post…

… Along with Penkoski, the site was founded by his wife, Amanda, and their colleagues Anita Kallinicos and Nellchy Kentley. But with little Web development experience between the four of them, they hired the Indian-based company Pas Softech to build the new website.

The operating costs for running this social network was notable:

“When I set this up, [our server company] said that based upon the growth that they see so far, they can honestly see us using 100 servers in a year or two year’s time. You are talking $10,000-a-month to keep this thing running,” Penkoski explained. “There is no way we can do it as a nonprofit. There is just no way.”

We were unable to find public information about how long this network stayed operational and when it was sunset. Their last Facebook page post was dated June 2019.

Other Christian Social Networks

Previously, on the internet, there were Ten Social Networking Sites for Christians noted in a 2011 Christian Post article—


This social media community for Christians is aimed at providing a wholesome place to meet others and enjoy all the Internet has to offer. Tangle lets Christians share photos and videos, as well as connect with each other. Churches and ministries can get in on the action as well.

MySpace for Christian musicians. This is a place to share your music and videos with other Christians and network the Christian music scene.

This Christian social media site is devoted to the production of videos. Video parables, such as that of the Good Samaritan, are popular. Additionally, this site also provides a platform for political messages related to morality. Sections for Christian music videos, churches clips, and personal videos.

This approach to social media touts itself as “fresh.” It is Christian-friendly, focusing on clean content. You can find comedy, authors, music and different organizations on this site. Additionally, this social media site is feature-rich, allowing for messaging, video and audio upload, and unlimited photos.

Sign up under personal, musician, ministry, church and college designations, the college designation is for Christian colleges, a nice touch for youth trying to figure out how they can get a faith-based higher education.


This is a social networking site aimed at helping Christians find members from the same church. It is aimed at keeping people from around the world connected to their church communities — especially missionaries. MyChurch also has prayer request capability, photos and video sermons.


A support community for those who are looking to increase their faith, and for those who want to do missionary work. Videos, prayer request, forums and groups are all available.


Derived from the ichthus, MEETfish offers you “an ocean of friends.” Connect with other Christians and find wholesome media and events.

This is a social media site aimed mainly at prayer requests. If you have a need, or if you want to help others through prayer, this is the social networking site for you. Groups and community members can ask for prayer help, as well as post encouraging messages and connect with other Christians.

This site is aimed at helping churches connect with their congregations. The site offers personal profiles as well, and blogs and even a chat room.

Out of these 10 Christian social networks from 2011, 3 are still online:,,

Another list from 2009 had 40 Christian social networks.

more about FaithVillage social network — June 16, 2020

more about FaithVillage social network

Video Introducing

Where do you go to find good Christian content online?

Let’s face it, Googling “God” is just not good enough. Introducing, a new social network for faith resources coming in 2011.

FaithVillage surrounds a robust social media experience with blogs, forums, videos, podcasts, articles, news, shopping and more. You’ll find some of the best content online served up to you in one convenient place. And FaithVillage is accessed through an awesome visual interface that mimics the kind of real brick and mortar neighborhood you like to hang out in.

If you were stranded on a deserted island and could only take one web site with you, FaithVillage is that site.

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