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What happened to — September 10, 2021

What happened to

Next Gener.Asian Church was a team blog about the collision of faith and Asian American culture that lived on the Web from 20062018.

This was its description:

Next Gener.Asian Church is a collaborative team blog to discuss issues facing Asian American culture and the Christian faith. Our contributors come from different ethnic Asian American backgrounds and a diverse range of theological perspectives with the common goal of seeing Jesus Christ magnified in our cultural contexts as well as our culture at large.

And, it was the website where An Open Letter to the Evangelical Church from the Asian American Community was posted in 2013.

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Scoville Heat Units of Gringo Bandito Hot Sauces — August 28, 2021

Scoville Heat Units of Gringo Bandito Hot Sauces

Want to know just how hot the Gringo Bandito collection of hot sauces are? Here’s the official Scoville scores for the popular Gringo Bandito hot sauces:

Original Red Hot Sauce @ 1,590 SHU

Green Habanero Hot Sauce @ 1,670 SHU

Spicy Yellow Hot Sauce @ 3,230 SHU

Super Hot Sauce @ 3,530 SHU

(SHU = Scoville Heat Units)

Now that you know how hot these sauces are, which one will you buy? Or just buy all four!

Scoville scores of more hot sauces

Want to find the Scoville scores of other hot sauces too? These are the biggest lists around the web (at the time of this post, i.e. August 2021):

214 entries at

150 entries at Scott Roberts’

88 entries at Scoville Pedia

hot sauces featured on the Hot Ones YouTube series

where to buy hot sauces online at big online stores

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2 Short Films by Erwin McManus — December 27, 2020

2 Short Films by Erwin McManus

Time and again, people interviewed said that religion is negative, spirituality is positive. These 2 short documentary films from 2010 have a similar flow: Erwin McManus interviewing people in 2 major Canadian cities about the intrinsic cravings of humanity, interweaved with his meaningful commentary.

Crave: The Documentary about Vancouver

Crave: The Documentary explores how we all have one thing in common, regardless of race, background, or beliefs: the cravings of our soul. Crave features intimate interviews with people young and old. What they have to say about life’s biggest questions may surprise you. Erwin McManus explores the soul of Vancouver, Canada.

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