How To Transfer New gTLD Domains to

When I tried to transfer a .LINK domain from another registrar to, I got this error message that it was “Not Eligible for Transfer” even though I had checked to make sure that domain’s transfer lock was turned off (disabled).

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 6.55.17 AM

Come to find out, when I contacted tech support, that:

The transfers of new TLDs are submitted only manually by our support team at the moment.
 So, even though the error message was not as helpful as it could’ve been, hopefully this blog post will save you a couple of frustrating minutes. Be sure to have “top up” your account with funds to cover the transfer costs, and to have these items ready, when you’re asked for them by live person chat support:
  • domain name(s) to transfer
  • auth code
  • username
  • support PIN

Add a comment if you found this helpful. You’re welcome.

What can you do when an iPad 2 keeps on crashing

Having an Apple iPad 2 from a few years back, it gets its share of occasional iOS updates automatically suggested and recommended by Apple every few months or so. 

The last update I made was to iOS 8.3, even though it keeps reminding me that version 9.1 is available. And I can’t figure out how to tell it to stop notifying me and that I don’t want to upgrade, for fear of slowing down the iPad even more. and I don’t know when it happened exactly, but this iPad 2 on iOS 8.x became slower and slower, with almost every app crashing and unexpectedly exiting. When the web browsers, both Safari and Chrome, after looking at just one web page, that was the last straw. This iPad 2 was unusable! 
I connected the iPad 2 to iTunes and thought I could restore an old backup from 2013, but after restoring ran for like 10 minutes, it errored out. Did more research, and found out Apple doesn’t allow downgrades, so the old backup wasn’t going to get me back to iOS 7 that used to work well on this iPad 2.

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 9.04.57 PM

With nothing to lose, clicked on the Restore iPad button, and let the iOS 9.1 update go ahead, and then did a factory reset.

That turned out to be the answer to making this old iPad 2 useable again! Even though iOS 8.x made everything bad and slow, and eventually to a grinding halt, this clean install of iOS 9.1 on this old iPad 2 is working well! In fact, writing this blog post on it. Thought I’d share this good news, and save some others from pulling their hair out from frustration.

Other references:

Where to buy futons in Orange County, California

Thought I’d share my research on finding a futon that’d be fit for a guest room. Add a comment if you know of other good stores and sources for a comfortable and cheap or affordable futon.

From OC Register, Futons make an easy stretch (Aug. 26, 2006) by Angie Vo of Milwaukee Journal Sentinel –

Nationally, 65 percent of futons cost $450 or more, with 13 percent ranging from $250 to $350 and 15 percent ranging from $350 to $450, according to Futon Life.

FestivitiesMN / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

Sears has a big selection online, like 150 items; OC Locations: Costa Mesa, Orange, Westminster

IKEA ~ categorizes futons under sofa beds. Location @ 1475 South Coast Dr., Costa Mesa

Furniture City of Orange (formerly Futon Factory Orange) @ 615 W Katella Ave, Orange, CA ~ link on Yelp

Futon Emporium @ 2729 S Grand Ave, Santa Ana, CA ~ link on Yelp
Store’s description: “Futon Emporium… serving California for over 40 years.. carry the largest in stock selection of custom futons offering 50 styles of futon frames in 5 sizes and colors, to be paired with 25 futon mattresses.”

Wyckes Furniture @ 11190 Talbert Ave, Fountain Valley, CA – link to Yelp [8 or 9 in showroom]

Furnishing America @ 301 E Stevens Ave,, Santa Ana CA [1 in showroom, 3 on clearance]

Sleep Collection Mattress @ 1100 W. Katella Ave., Orange, CA [none in showroom, only catalog & online]

Other places that may have futons include: Target, Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, but I think futons are one of those things you’d want to see and try out first, not order blindly online. And if ordering online, there’s many other online stores for that. Maybe some company will come up with a disruptive innovation with futons like those that have done with online-only mattresses, like Casper,Tuft & Needle, Lunasleep, etc.

There’s some futon showrooms in Los Angeles, too:

Futon Factory L.A. @ 10203 Venice Blvd, Los Angeles, CA (near the intersection of Venice Blvd and Jasmine Ave)

The Futon Shop (for organic and green, eco-conscious)

a big sombrero, a song, and paleteria

Search Multisite Churches Directory or Listing of Multi-Site Churches

Looking for a multisite churches directory or listing of multi-site churches or directory of multisite churches? There isn’t one that is publicly accessible on the Internet at the time of this writing, but I do know of someone that is counting them.

See this blog post at Leadership Network—Now More Than 8,000 Multisite Churches.

It’s within the realm of possibility that is an educated estimate, but there’s a good chance that they have the biggest list of multi-site churches in existence, and if you ask nicely, you could get a response.


And, Leadership Network’s has produced this Multisite Resource Toolkit with 30 different resources, organized by five broad categories: (1) those related to the Leadership Network/Generis Multisite Church Scorecard Report, (2) interviews on various topics with a wide assortment of multisite practitioners, (3) short video conversations between Dave Travis and Jim Sheppard on a variety of topics, (4) excerpts from the two most popular books on multisite, (5) and additional readings.

Of course, there’s the 2 must-have books with the best practical insights = A Multi-Site Church Road Trip: Exploring the New Normal + The Multi-Site Church Revolution: Being one church in many locations — both by Geoff Surratt, Greg Ligon, Warren Bird

Top Subdomains and Most Popular Subdomains Used by Websites

When you register a domain name, there are subdomains that may be used at no extra domain registration cost. And with that domain name, you could use subdirectories with no extra costs, for organizing the pages of content on the website.

For webmasters and website developers, the question you have to ask yourself and answer is: should I use a subdomain or subdiectory?

Here are 3 factors to consider for informing your decision:

  1. Subdomains may be configured to point to an entirely different web server, so that subdomain could be used as an entire different website with different functions
  2. Subdirectories (aka subfolders) follow the same structure as files on your hard drive
  3. Which would work better for your audience when sharing or publicizing a link: or 

It’s helpful to learn from the examples of others, other websites’ usage of subdomains. See the list of what’s surfaced as the Most commonly used subdomains, aka third level domains

And there are search engine ranking considerations. That’s a harder issue to answer, because algorithms are constantly changing, so that won’t be attempted here at this time.