Top Subdomains and Most Popular Subdomains Used by Websites

When you register a domain name, there are subdomains that may be used at no extra domain registration cost. And with that domain name, you could use subdirectories with no extra costs, for organizing the pages of content on the website.

For webmasters and website developers, the question you have to ask yourself and answer is: should I use a subdomain or subdiectory?

Here are 3 factors to consider for informing your decision:

  1. Subdomains may be configured to point to an entirely different web server, so that subdomain could be used as an entire different website with different functions
  2. Subdirectories (aka subfolders) follow the same structure as files on your hard drive
  3. Which would work better for your audience when sharing or publicizing a link: or 

It’s helpful to learn from the examples of others, other websites’ usage of subdomains. See the list of what’s surfaced as the Most commonly used subdomains, aka third level domains

And there are search engine ranking considerations. That’s a harder issue to answer, because algorithms are constantly changing, so that won’t be attempted here at this time.

Results of New gTLD Last Resort Auctions with ICANN

What are the most valuable top level domains? If the winning amount of these auctions are an indicator of value, these are the top-level domains that the applicants believe to have the highest valuations:

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 10.23.15 AM


Auction results are listed at ICANN… Only contention sets that resolved through Auction are included. That page will be periodically updated within seven (7) days after an Auction or update in status. Information about the Auction process, Auction proceeds or additional contention set status’ can be found on the Auctions page, Auction proceeds page or Contention Set Status page, respectively.

I confess that I don’t quite get how all of these top-level domains are worth millions or multiple hundreds of thousands. The ones that do make sense to me as having very high value are: .APP, .REALTY and .BUY. The others could sure have the potential of becoming valuable to the degree that the investors make their money back or get a profit, but that’ll take quite a bit of work.

Taking a Taxi from Aliso Viejo to John Wayne Airport (SNA)

Sometimes when I need to get to the airport, it’s one of those early morning flights. Taxi fares are a legitimate business expense, reimburseable at that, and I don’t want to wake a friend or family member up so early. And on those early morning rides, I’m not all that sure Uber will be available, and Uber doesn’t allow reservations (yet?).

Found out that some taxis have flat rates (instead of the more expensive metered rate) for rides to and/or from the airport. Here’s the flat rate taxi fares I found for going from Aliso Viejo to John Wayne Airport (SNA):

California Yellow Cab $49 714-444-4444

OC Yellow Cab $34 949-364-7000

800-4my-Taxi (A Taxi Cab) $38 714-258-9000

OC Airport Taxi $32 800-511-3124

Orange County Taxi Administration Program (OCTAP) regulates the taxis that operate in Orange County, California, and has this list of Orange County Approved Taxicab Companies.

Pastor Rick Warren on the Value of Staying in One Place to Minister



Tonight, at the great West Angeles Church of God in Christ in Los Angeles, I have the privilege of honoring one of America’s great pastors – a wonderful co-worker in ministry, a powerful force for good in the city of Los Angeles, and dear friend of mine. Bishop Charles Blake has pastored West Angeles Church in the heart of L.A. for FORTY SIX YEARS! That’s what you call “putting down roots” in a congregation and city. There aren’t many pastors who’ve cared for one congregation for that long. (One of my 6 mentors served his church in Dallas for 50 years,)

A big reason why many churches are plateaued and declining is because they change leaders every few years. There’s no way a church can grow healthy and strong if the office of the pastor has a revolving door. What would happen to a family that got a new daddy every 3 or 4 years? The children would have massive trust issues, not knowing who they count on, and all kinds of emotional wounds, including a fear of abandonment, poor self-esteem, and a suspicious attitude toward relationship, When so many pastor move around every few years (or they are forced to move by their denomination) it’s no wonder that many churches are weakened by conflict, cliques, gossip, and distrust.

Usually in a church, the first year of a new pastor is the ”honeymoon” – everybody tries to get along and be happy. (Actually it’s not really a honeymoon, just suspended judgment!) The second year of new pastor, he starts to be criticized by people who don’t like his new direction for the church. The seven last words of the church are “We have never done it that way!” By the third or fourth year, somebody has to leave … either the pastor leaves, or those dissatisfied leave. From 35 years of coaching pastors and mediating church conflicts between members and their pastors I’ve seen this over and over: When the pastor leaves, the problems stay. (They’re left for the next poor pastor to deal with.) But if the pastor stays, the problems leave. Either the problem is eventually solved, or the problem-creators move to another church. It’s sad that one study showed that the average pastor gives up and leaves because of 7 vocal critics.

When I planted Saddleback Church 35 years ago, I made a public commitment to our first members to stay as their pastor – through thick and thin – for 40 years. God willing, I intend to keep that commitment. It has not always been easy, I’ve often wanted to resign on many Monday mornings. But like my marriage vow, I made a commitment to God that I do not take lightly. Looking back, and then looking at all the good Saddleback has accomplished around the world, I’m grateful that I never gave up on my calling, or the vision God gave me, or the precious people he placed under my care and leadership (1 Peter 5:1-3, Heb. 13:17). But I’m even more grateful that God never gave up on me, because I’m not the same man I was when Kay and I started the church started 35 years ago. While the church was growth, God was growing me.

God is a systematic God. He created the solar system. The Animal Kingdom and Plant Kingdom are systems in a finely balanced environment. Your body is a collection of systems – digestive, respiratory, nervous, skeletal , circulatory, and other systems, Just like God designed your body to function around 9 systems, the Body of Christ, the church, is designed to function around 5 biblical systems. While pastoring Saddleback, it’s also been my privilege to assist and train other pastors in setting up the biblical systems of fellowship, worship, discipleship, service, and evangelism . At last count, I served over 440,000 pastors from 164 countries. In every training program I’ve told pastor the same thing: I can teach you the personal character (Psalm 78:72), the biblical purposes (Matt. 22:37-40 & Matt. 28:19-20) the New Testament structure (Acts 5:42) and the necessary skills (Eccl 10:10) , that will grow a congregation, but I CANNOT teach you how to do it QUICKLY! It took me 35 years! To grow something strong and healthy takes time. When God wants to make a mushroom he takes 6 hours but when he wants to make an oak tree, he takes 60 years. So here’s the question: Do you want your church to be a mushroom or an oak tree? If you want it to last, you can’t grow it fast. True discipleship takes time.

One thing that I’m personally opposed to are these published lists of “The FASTEST growing churches.” They reinforce short-term thinking. But strength, not speed, is what matters. No one cares HOW LONG it took Michelangelo to paint the Sistine chapel. What matters is its lasting beauty. Fast-growing churches don’t impress me. I could teach you a dozen ways to attract a crowd fast, but a crowd is not a church! What impresses me are the number of disciples in small group fellowship, active with the spiritual habits, serving in ministry, and being sent out on mission. You judge the strength of a church not by its seating capacity but by its SENDING capacity. Yes, we’ve baptized over 42,000 adult believers, but just as important Saddleback has over 40,000 studying the Bible each week in small groups, over 27,000 members serving in what we call bi-vocational ministries, and has sent 24,869 of our member to serve overseas in 197 countries. You can’t do any of that quickly! YOU HAVE TO STAY PUT AND BE PATIENT! There are instant crowds, but no instant churches, and attendance is only one of a dozen vital signs of a healthy congregation.

There are too many advantages and benefits of staying in one place for ministry than I have space to mention in this post. But here’s one benefit I’ve witnessed over and over: When you lead with love and integrity, your ministry gets better every year. But if you don’t lead with love and integrity, it gets worse and more difficult every year. You can pretend to love people for a few years, but you can’t fake love for 35 years! The people figure out if you are legit, because there is never a moment when they aren’t watching you, and testing your credibility. If you are a leader, people are constantly doing a “credit check” on you before they invest themselves. People want to know 1) Does my pastor love me? 2) Does he practice what he preaches? and 3) Does he lead by example, making the first sacrifice? The Good Shepherd lays down his life for his sheep. And if a pastor does that humbly and consistently year after year after year, the people will follow you anywhere… even if it means charging hell with squirt guns!

I don’t have space to explain the background and reasons, but one time the members of Saddleback church once voted unanimously by anonymous ballot to purchase a $13 million dollar piece of property – without knowing the purchase price, because I had said two words: “Trust me.” Of course I would not have even attempted to suggest that in the early years of Saddleback. But after a 20 year track record of love, sacrifice, wise decisions, and a willingness to own up to my mistakes and weaknesses, I had earned their trust.

Bishop Charles Blake is that kind of leader, For 48 years he has been able to impact Los Angeles in ways like no other pastor I know, because he STAYED PUT! In 1 Timothy1:12 Paul said “I thank God for PUTTING ME into the ministry.” Ministry is received, not achieved. It is a gift of God’s grace. And if God PUTS you into ministry, then must stay put, until he announces other plans for you!

During the past eight years, my friend Charles Blake has also served as leader of the Church of God in Christ, America’s oldest and largest African-American Pentecostal denomination with 6.5 million members worldwide. Charles has spoken twice at Saddleback and helped Kay and me launch our summit on caring for people with AIDS. Years ago, he asked to come to the COGIC Annual Bishops and Elders Gathering and teach thel Purpose Driven Church Seminar to their leadership. Tonight West Angeles Church will honor the 75th birthday of their pastor, and I was deeply touched when Charles called me, and asked me to preach at his 75th birthday.

The world… and the Church,,, need far more partnerships between black, white, brown, and every other color of pastors and churches. It was encouraging to see Caucasian and Asian and Hispanic pastor working in solidarity with our sister Black churches after the tragedies of Ferguson and Charlotte. The only want to overcome evil is with good, and the only way to overcome hatred is with love.

So if you are in the areas tonight, I urge you to join us at 7 pm to honor Bishop Blake at the West Angeles Church of God in Christ, 3600 Crenshaw Blvd, Los Angeles, CA. . I’m sure you know some of his members who are coming tonight to honor him: Magic Johnson, Angela Bassett, Samuel and LaTonya Jackson , and many others.

When Dr. Murphy Lum retired from pastoring

Photos from Pastor Murphy Lum’s Retirement Celebration (November 2012)

via Harry Yan’s Facebook timeline

And, Dr. Jeffrey Jue’s tweets:

Congrats to my old pastor, Dr. Murphy Lum, on his retirement as Sr. Minister of First Chinese Baptist Church Fountain Valley, CA. (18 Nov 2012)

Just heard my childhood Baptist pastor has gone home to glory. Thankful for the faithful ministry of Dr. Murphy Lum. (16 Jul 2015)