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Can I Buy a Rental Movie on Amazon Prime Video? — May 18, 2020

Can I Buy a Rental Movie on Amazon Prime Video?

The question: “I rented a movie yesterday and like it a lot. Can I pay the difference to buy it, i.e. I rented it for $2.99 and it sells for $14.99, can I pay $12 to buy it?”

Answer: No. [here’s the exact wording from customer service]


RLW asked: “If we rented a movie can we go ahead and purchase? Will we be charged for rental and purchase?!!! Or just the additional amount?!”

Got answered: “You’ll be charged the full price, there is no discount for having rented the movie, they are two separate transactions.”

Another One Asked

ML asked @ Rent To Buy

I wonder if it is possible to apply the rental price if after watching you decide you want to purchase the title? I have wanted to buy some movies but have not because I already paid the rental price and couldn't bring myself to spending THAT much more for a movie. This would be a great idea.

And got answered with: “Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback about renting and buying Prime Video titles. At this time you can’t purchase Prime Video titles applying the rental price.”

Here’s an Idea for Amazon Prime Video

How hard can it be to update the code to support this rent-to-buy feature for Amazon Prime Video movies and TV shows? Like most leading-edge tech companies, make a data-informed decision and see what people will do and if revenues will increase. I’m thinking it will, but the proof is in the pudding.

Suppose it is difficult to change the code to discount the purchase price of a previously rented video, then use a customer service request form that applies an credit that can be used for a future purchase. Test this for a period of time, and see if it increases sales to the satisfaction of the decision-makers.

Know anyone at

Why Amazon Can’t Credit Rental Fee Towards Buying the Video

Thanks for JP, got the answer for why (or anyone) can’t apply the rental fee as a credit towards buying a movie or TV show. It’s because of the licensing fee that is charged by the movie-maker, producer, owner, or whatever that entity is called. Here’s how it was explained to me:

About the prime rental vs buying… It’s a licensing issue by the content owner, not a technical limitation.

Same reason buying a digital copy of a movie is the same price as the DVD even though there is not printing/manufacturing cost for digital.

how to install Zoom to Chromebook — March 21, 2020

how to install Zoom to Chromebook

Here are some instructions from March 2020 on how to install Zoom from the Chrome Web Store onto your Chromebook –

For some odd reason, the Chromebook we tried installing the extension didn’t click-thru to the right link when trying to join a zoom meeting. So with some effort, finally found the direct link to the Zoom extension in the chrome web store.

What does show up easily on the store is this Zoom Scheduler extension in the chrome web store:

Maybe the recent surge of interest in Zoom caused a server issue-

adding site to Bing takes time — January 31, 2020

adding site to Bing takes time

I wanted to add my blog to the Bing search engine. I followed the instructions over there at and added my URL in the “Add a Site” field:


Then I copy and paste the meta tag code just like Bing provided into the WordPress admin dashboard, under Tools > Marketing > Site Verification Services ::

I click “Save Settings” to get that meta tag in the Bing field like I’m supposed to. Then I go back over to Bing, and I click “VERIFY”:

You know what happens next? I got this error message, tag not found:


I go back and forth, check the accuracy, troubleshooting, go searching on the internet for answers.

Why Bing Webmaster didn’t verify my wordpress site and find my meta tag

Turns out there’s some kind of caching or data propagation on the cloud of internet servers.

I didn’t make any additional changes on WordPress. When I went back to Bing Webmaster and clicked on the Verify & Try Again button, the site got verified. For the record, I went back 7 minutes later, after adding the verification meta tag into the WordPress admin dashboard.

There probably isn’t a standard time for how fast or how slow your website cache gets cleared or updated, so I’d suggest taking a short walk outside and come back to your computer. Your site will get verified soon enough.

The City Innovated Church Tech Had a 10 Year Life Span — October 5, 2019

The City Innovated Church Tech Had a 10 Year Life Span

There once was a popular church in Seattle with lots of people and they built a digital platform called The City to engage churchgoers. That was 2006. And it was a beautiful vision—

The City is driven by a compelling vision emanating from Matthew 5:14.

Having recently left his job at to become a pastor in his church, Zack Hubert was wrestling with ways of harnessing technology to facilitate the growth of a rapidly self-organizing and expanding church. He was inspired to create the original concept for The City after this passage in the Bible that says, “a city on a hill cannot be hidden.”

Since inception, we at The City have been driven to make it easier for churches to connect newcomers, build deeper community, equip leaders and unleash people to serve and make a lasting impact on their world with the Gospel.

The City has grown and is now being used by churches and organizations all over the world. As The City continues to grow, so does the vision, and we feel blessed to be along for the ride.

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back when closed in October 2000 — October 4, 2019

back when closed in October 2000

One early Christian community on the internet was, launched in June 2000. Their vision statement was:

Our Vision: We seek to be the preferred internet gathering place for Christians worldwide to come, experience, and grow in their faith.

However, by October 20, 2000, suspended operations due to lack of funding.

Dear members and visitors,

Despite a tremendous launch and site traffic that ranks as the leading Christian community on the Internet, has not been able to secure additional funding to continue to keep the site up, and we are forced to close our virtual doors effective immediately.
As you know, has worked hard to create the leading Christian site on the Internet – a place where believers of all denominations could come, experience and grow in their faith. With 550,000 members, more than 2 million unique visitors, and 60 ministry partners, we have consistently exceeded our business and ministry objectives…except one: raising additional funding. Like many Internet companies, we were unable to raise capital given the current market conditions, and we are left without options.

Our prayer is that God has used, in some way, to touch your life. We hope you have been encouraged, challenged, informed, and entertained along the way. Thank you so much for the feedback and encouragement you have provided to us over the past months.

We’d like to end our time on the Internet the same way we started… by giving glory and praise to our great and awesome God who holds all of history and the most intimate details of our lives in the palm of his hand….


Here are two great features you will recognize from Daily Devotional and Prayer Request System. …

May God bless you!!
The Family

After closing its virtual doors, they shortened their notice in January 2001 to —

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