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where have all my websites gone? — April 23, 2022

where have all my websites gone?

I woke up this morning, in the usual way.. but this one is very different. All my websites are gone. Just gone gone. I’m on tech support and they’re investigating. This is not good. Countless hours of work in the thousands. Not sure I’ve reached the mythical 10,000 hours mark. Vanished into thin air?

I’ve been blogging 20 years, podcasting for over 10 years, a handful of other websites for good things, and they’re just gone. I have some backups, one website at a time, but it’s going to take many hours to restore and reconstruct. Lord help me.

To retrace my history, have to think up and recall all the websites that are affected, since I didn’t keep track of all of that. Let’s see, here’s what I’m remembering and noting, as I work on (some) restoration, and it’s making me wonder if I’m going to restore everything, or just some things.

DJ Chuang websites #restored #restored (the first 3 years)

w** (not crawled by internet)

My websites and blogs scattered elsewhere

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how to use htaccess on nginx server — October 15, 2021

how to use htaccess on nginx server

Web hosting used to be a lot more lenient and allowed different language encoding on a per page basis, by using a META tag in the <HEAD> section like:

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=big5"> 

But recently discovered that my web hosting server (and perhaps many others) have a server-defined language character set encoding, and the META tag is ignored, so to speak.

When Did UTF-8 Take Over as the Web Standard

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