Subject Lines from Staples Email Newsletters

Do you like how emails try to get your attention in the subject line? Would these subject lines make you click and open their email newsletter? Here’s some recent examples from

Screen Shot 2017-01-06 at 9.18.53 AM.png

  • 😉 THANKS: You received a Staples ink promo! – Don’t miss out on all these ways to save!
  • 🙂 Hi there! Here are your COUPONS. – Want more savings? Click here!
  • 🙂 OPEN ASAP: You’ve acquired an up to 50% discount. – Start saving even more!
  • Are you tech savvy? Up to $50 off these gifts! – Start saving even more!
  • ATTN: YOUR ink & toner discounts have arrived! – Don’t miss out on all these ways to save!
  • Confirmed: Promos are inside. – More unreal deals are waiting inside!
  • Don’t miss out. $30 coupons inside. – Shop Staples — save every time. DAILY DEALS STAPLES
  • Earned it ✔ You made the list for a COUPON for 15% off! – Want more savings? Click here!
  • Here is a 20% COUPON to get your fix. Well done! – Want more savings? Click here!
  • It’s yours – $15 ink & toner rewards. – More. More. More ways to save!
  • Not kidding! Up to $200 off laptops, happening now. – Want more savings? Click here!
  • ONLY HERE! These deals won’t last! – Start saving even more!
  • Ready for you: We’ve enclosed your 31% off Daily Deal. – Want more savings? Click here!
  • Special thanks! Up to $200 off this tech must have! – More. More. More ways to save!
  • THANKS! You’ve received paper for $29.99! – Ready for more savings? Click here!
  • Under $30 –– great gift ideas! – Don’t miss out on all these ways to save!
  • Up to $250 off — time to upgrade + Last Chance for Cyber Deals! – More unreal deals are waiting inside!
  • Up to 50% off –– save on chairs today! – Don’t miss out on all these ways to save!
  • You deserve the best –– up to $100 off! – More. More. More ways to save!
  • You’ve acquired a $200 discount. It’s confirmed! – Start saving even more!
  • You’ve made our list for 15% off ink & toner! – Ready for more savings? Click here!

What’s interesting is where places its email subscription form for their daily deals and exclusive offers. It doesn’t look like it’s easy to find on every web page for some reason.screen-shot-2017-01-06-at-9-28-06-am

Starbucks’ Success Secret is Branding

2008 article about Taylor Clark’s book about Starbucks from the internet archives~

Not Just Coffee: Starbucks’ Rise to Success

By Maria O’Connell

An average of six new Starbucks cafés open in the world each day. In fifteen years, Starbucks has not only seeped into 37 countries and all 50 states, but has grown from100 stores to 13,000. The chain serves about 40 million customers each week, giving jobs to 25 million coffee farmers. Starbucks infiltrated the American landscape more quickly than any other company in history; it was rated by Interbrand as the fourth-most effective brand in the world, after Apple, Google, and Ikea.

Fascinated by Starbucks’ rise to fame, Taylor Clark, a freelance journalist from Portland, Oregon, recently released his first book–Starbucked: A Double Tall Tale of Caffeine, Commerce, and Culture. In it, he creates a detailed picture of Starbucks’ road to success, explaining how the organization integrated its way into society so effectively and so quickly.

Taylor claims that the secret behind Starbucks’ appeal is the incredible amount of control it exercises over its image. All decisions start and end with the company’s ringleader, Howard Schultz. Everything at Starbucks is planned. It is not just a Starbucks’ coffee that you get when you walk through the café doors; it is a Starbucks’ experience.

It was after careful psychological research that the company first decided to have white cups with green writing, “tall” lattes, natural materials, and round tables. Starbucks interviewed hundreds of coffee drinkers, seeking what it was that they wanted from a coffee shop. The overwhelming consensus actually had nothing to do with coffee; what consumers sought was a place of relaxation, a place of belonging. They sought an atmosphere.

The round tables in a Starbucks store were strategically created in an effort to protect self-esteem for those coffee-drinkers flying solo. After all, there are no “empty” seats at a round table. Service counters are built out of natural materials like warm woods and stone, rather than plastics and metals, to create a homier atmosphere.

Instead of ordering a “short” coffee or tea, one orders a “tall” at Starbucks.  The company intentionally formed their own coffee lingo, which by now could be recorded in a dictionary of coffee terminology. The terms “tall,” “grande,” and “venti” are the size options that Starbucks offers. The company was correct to assume that once their customers learned the lingo, other coffeehouses, where you must choose from a small, medium, or large, would make them feel uncomfortable and out of place. Starbucks’ coffee lingo gives the customer a chance to escape from American monotony and experience a charge of European sophistication.

Not surprisingly, the white and green Starbucks’ coffee cups were deliberately designed as well. These cups were created to be a walking advertisement for the company. Evidenced by more than 2 trillion customers each year, it worked.

Starbucks also has other branding secrets. The company will never discount drinks. Schultz is all about the image. He makes the point that you would never see a “buy one, get one free” deal on a Jaguar. In an effort to create brand prestige, he refuses to allow discounts. In addition, print ads for Starbucks often thank customers for their support of specific humanitarian concerns, such as tsunami relief. Starbucks donates money to many social causes. Thus, people are not only buying coffee or enjoying a relaxing atmosphere, they are also positively contributing to society.

The creation of Starbucks is a true story of success. Its marketing techniques have and will become an example to retail stores around the world. Undoubtedly, the Starbucks brand has been imprinted into history – making it one of those companies that will never disappear.

Starbucks Fact: “Contrary to popular belief, Starbucks actually boosts sales to nearby mom-and-pop coffee shops.”

For more information, please refer to Taylor Clark’s Starbucked: A Double Tall Tale of Caffeine, Commerce, and Culture.


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top 7 services for streaming movies – free or subscription

Yes we know the largest libraries of online streaming videos are Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Instant Video. Plus, you could count Crackle too. (For this post , we’re not counting the pay-per-view streaming movies that could be purchased at online stores at iTunes, Google Play, Vudu, YouTube, and others.)


But there’s more.

Here’s some other online libraries with 1000’s of movies and shows that can be streamed online, either free or for a basic subscription of under $10/month. (cf. Beyond Netflix and Hulu: 4 worthwhile movie streaming services.)

SnagFilms – over 10,000 films, with large selection of documentaries, foreign and independent films for free [aside: SnagFilms changed its logo in June 2013]

Fandor – “In terms of the breadth and depth of the cinematic experience, it would be hard to beat Fandor. For $10 a month, you get access to hundreds of motion pictures, from rare, serious European features to educational shorts and the silliest exploitation flicks.”

Mubi – “Every day our experts introduce you to a film they love and you have a whole month to watch it, so there will always be 30 extraordinary films for you to enjoy.” // if you like their taste in films, they’ll pick ’em for you so you don’t have waste time browsing through 100s and 1000s of average movies to find a great one to watch

[update 12/14/16] Found 2 more: Popcornflix • Tubi TV

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cf. MPAA’s list of all legal services

[photo credit:]

what’s not allowed on a blog

It’s not the easiest thing to find with mobile devices driving web design and oversimplified user interfaces, but having a blog powered by does come with some basic guidelines and rules for what content is allowed or prohibited at a blog, known as its Terms of Service ( And, occasionally the terms are updated and noted in the change log, most recently on October 9, 2016. The content that’s prohibited isn’t unreasonable but they should be made known and easier to find. Thus this blog post.

Here’s a mention of what content is prohibited and not allowed on blogs:

“make sure that none of the prohibited items (like spam, viruses, or serious threats of violence) appear on your website”

… you are entirely responsible for the content of, and any harm resulting from, that Content or your conduct. That is the case regardless of what form the Content takes, which includes, but is not limited to text, photo, video, audio, or code. By using, you represent and warrant that your Content and conduct do not violate these terms or the User Guidelines.

Here’s more details about prohibited content from the User Guidelines—

User Guidelines

To be transparent about what is and isn’t allowed on your site, we’ve put together this set of guidelines. The following activity/material isn’t allowed on

  • Illegal content and conduct.
  • Intellectual property infringement.
  • Pornography.
  • Technologically harmful content.
  • Impersonation.
  • Directly threatening material.
  • Posting private information.
  • Advertising.
  • Hotlinking to
  • Spam or machine-generated content.
  • Bear in mind that these are just guidelines — interpretations are up to us. These guidelines are not exhaustive and are subject to change.

And, is not to be used for archiving of tweets, as noted in a previous post titled is not for archiving. In case your blog gets an “account suspended” notice for an unknown reason, contact the good people at WordPress to inquire, via

What an encrypted email looks like

What does it look like when you receive an encrypted message via email? Here’s an example of an actual secure email encrypted using a PGP key. This is know you know you’ve received an actual encrypted email and if it used your public key properly, and you have the private key to decrypt it, you’d be able to read this message.


Note that this message has been slightly obscured, so technically it is not possible to decrypt this sample encrypted message. This image is an illustration of how an encrypted email appears.

How to share about the Hillsong Movie 

So want to make sure you’re aware of the new Hillsong film “Let Hope Rise” releasing in theaters nationwide this Friday, September 16

Three ways to help: 

1. Please share about the film through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Here is a simple tweet/facebook message to share. Just copy and paste. 

Tweet or Facebook message to copy and paste

Can’t wait 2 see NEW @Hillsong Movie “LET HOPE RISE” in theaters this Friday Sept 16th. Get tickets now:

This Friday, Sept 16, be part of a worship experience unlike any other. #HillsongMovie. Get your tickets now:

Post on Instagram. pics for posting on Instagram:

Also, here is a 30-second Instagram Trailer

2. Can you include the following blurb in any emails or blog posts you have going out to your email list/blog/church in the next 7 days? 

Hillsong- LET HOPE RISE, a new movie you won’t want to miss (, opens in theaters across the US and around the world this Friday, September 16. The film captures the on-stage energy and off-stage hearts of the Australia-based band Hillsong UNITED. The film captures a new motion-picture genre- the theatrical worship experience, and explores Hillsong’s humble beginnings and astonishing rise to prominence as an international church whose songs are sung every Sunday by more than 50 million people worldwide. Tickets available at

3. Put up a blog post and use the below Q and A. Just copy and paste. 

Here is the official video trailer for the movie. Please share:


A Conversation with Hillsong about HILLSONG – LET HOPE RISE


Brian Houston, Senior Pastor, Co-founder, Hillsong Church

Joel Houston, Lead Pastor, Hillsong NYC and Hillsong UNITED

Taya Smith, Worship Leader, Hillsong UNITED

Jonathon Douglass (JD), Worship Leader, Hillsong UNITED

Jad Gillies, Worship Leader, Hillsong UNITED

Dylan Thomas, Guitarist, Hillsong UNITED
What Might Surprise People to Know About Hillsong UNITED?

Dylan Thomas: We are literally a band that came from a church in Australia. We were a youth ministry. We never set out to be a band playing big arenas or anything like that. We just truly wanted to make music that could connect people to Jesus. When it started, it looked like 100 people in our youth ministry. We have just always trusted God and put everything into that and He’s made the whole thing happen. But you could take away the stadiums and our dreams are still the same: we just want to connect people to Jesus through our music. And we’re going to give that everything that we have.

Jad Gillies: We believe in the message that we’re carrying. We believe in the opportunity God has given us to actually help connect people with the message of the Gospel. And also encourage people that they can do extraordinary things with their ordinary lives. Our wives, ourselves, and our families believe in it so much that we will sacrifice for it. There is a cost, but we’re willing to pay it.

Taya Smith: I’m not from Sydney, so I grew up in a local church that sang Hillsong songs. I just know what an impact it was to go to a Hillsong Conference when I wasn’t part of Hillsong. Just knowing how much I felt a part of the greater Church—with a capital C—and knowing we were being poured into, loved on, and supported. We are all in this together.
Why did you agree to be part of Hillsong – Let Hope Rise?

Brian Houston: Our goal is that people encounter God. It’s not to go and just watch a nice movie, but to actually really experience the presence of God.

Joel Houston: What blows my mind are that people of faith are encouraged and people who walk in skeptical—even in their skepticism—have been like, “I was strangely surprised. I felt really good when I left the cinema.” That to me is why we engaged in this film in the first place. If ever there were a time when the world needed something to connect us to each other and to God, it’s right now. And if it should be through a film …
What has the reaction been to the film from audiences?

Jonathon Douglass (JD): It’s actually been incredible talking to people who have seen the film! They have walked away with what the heart of this film is all about: understanding the hope that we have in God.  Hopefully they will see from our story that we don’t have it all together, we’re not the best of the best. We’re just an ordinary group of young people—that are getting a little bit older, but still young at heart—that just love God and trust in Him. It doesn’t always make sense, but God’s with us and there’s a reason for us to have hope.
What do you hope audiences will take from Hillsong – Let Hope Rise?

Joel Houston: The one thing I hope that people take away from this film—regardless of what they’re going through, whatever life looks like for them—is that they leave with their head a little higher than it was when they walked into the cinema. This doesn’t mean they have to become a Christian, or believe what we believe, or even love the music. But it means all of a sudden their eyes might see something—a greater truth. In the midst of all life’s questions, in all of the stuff … maybe there’s something greater.

Jonathon Douglass (JD): For us, the one thing we would hope people take away when they come and see Let Hope Rise is they would see what God could do with a life that would say, “I trust You, I’m going to follow You.” I hope they will leave uplifted and encouraged that we have this hope in God, that He’s with us, that He’s good, and His plan is good.

Taya Smith: I hope people come away with hope. Whatever they’re facing, whatever circumstances they’ve been through, I hope that at the end of this film, they walk away encouraged, knowing there’s a God who loves them, who believes in them, and that the best is yet to come. I hope they would walk out different than when they walked in!

HILLSONG – LET HOPE RISE opens nationwide this Friday. (