Misplaced Shame of Sexual Assault with Asian Americans

“Statistics for sexual assault in Asian American communities are hard to come by, but a study by Asian Pacific Institute on Gender Based Violence found that anywhere from 21-55 percent of Asian American women report facing physical and or sexual violence in their lifetime. If we continue to create a culture of shame around survivors, less and less Asian American will report these incidents publically and we will not know how deeply this issue affects our communities.

We need to disrupt and transform our culture so that reporting sexual assault is not shameful. We need to raise our men and boys to respect women and know they will be held accountable for their action if they assault anyone. I want women and girls in the Asian community to live in a new time where sexual assault is unacceptable and has consequences for perpetrators. We need to disrupt culture and create an environment that allows survivors to feel safe, heard, and believed when they tell their stories.”

— Read on gracejisunkim.wordpress.com/2018/10/15/removing-the-burden-of-shame-sexual-assault-in-asian-american-communities/


Do you get long emails like this?

I don’t know how they write these long emails with this kind of news. It takes quite a bit of time and effort to generate content. The people doing this seem quite sincere. It could use some upgrading in the readability and usability aspects though.


CMN Derived from multiple accounts

The day after the United States held a ceremony opening its embassy in historic Jerusalem, UN Ambassador Nikki Haley told her counterparts at the United Nations that the United States will defend Israel. She went on to quote from Isaiah, the Old Testament book, by describing Israel as a “light unto the nations.” Likewise, on the Fox New Network, Judge Jeanine Pirro opened her show with a lesson on Israel’s history with the Promised Land. She said Trump, “like King Cyrus before him, fulfilled the biblical prophecy of the God worshiped by Jews, Christians, and yes, Muslims.”


Many Christians, Jews and Muslims believe that President Trump has fulfilled prophecy

Millie Weaver

President Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel and christening a new U.S. embassy in Jerusalem on Israel’s seventieth anniversary, for many people of faith, has prophetic implications.

Both President Trump and Cyrus the Great, the ancient King of Persia, recognized Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel thereby giving Israel a hedge of protection.

The parallels between Cyrus the Great discussed in the 45th Biblical verse of the book Isaiah, with the 45th President of the United States Donald Trump have prophecy enthusiasts moved by these recent events comparing Trump with Cyrus.

Many have even made a pilgrimage to Jerusalem in celebration of apparent prophecy being fulfilled. Kim Clement, who prophesied both Trump becoming President and Jerusalem becoming Israel’s capital on its 70th anniversary, is survived by his daughter Donne and wife Jane who too have journeyed to Jerusalem paying homage to Israel and tribute to Clement.


Christian leaders and ministries are mistakenly sidestepping the provocative pattern anticipating Donald Trump’s war with the deep state controlled by the Hillary Clinton Cabal, anticipated in the conflict between Jehu and Jezebel – which resulted in a revolution in ancient Israel, and the founding of Israel’s Fifth Dynasty. The pattern is articulated in the online series Twin Timelines, as well as a recent book by Messianic leader Jonathan Cahn. Instead, religious leaders are pointing to Trump’s parallel with King Cyrus, who aided ancient Israel. The Twin Timelines series includes predictions of the fate of modern day Israel as a result of the presence of Donald Trump. For more, see TheKingdomWithinYou.com



An Atlanta pastor is packing the pews, but also facing criticism for embracing performances by scantily-clad aerialists as part of what he calls his new “normal worship experience.”

Bryan Meadows, who leads the Embassy congregation, recently posted photographs and a video from the CreativeCon Conference, which included a time of worship that incorporated a female aerialist suspended from the ceiling.

“We endeavor to create a culture driven by the creativity and character of Christ!” Meadows said in a social media post. “This was one of my favorite highlights!!!”

“So cool! So out the box!” one commenter wrote. Another offered: “This is HOT!!”

“I’m all for using all our gifts in the house of God, but how about she covers up her lower body?” asked another. “It can be as distracting as a male worshiper topless.”

Meadows returned fire on the critics. “Because they shouldn’t have to go to the circus to use the gifts that God gave them!” he said. “The church should be able to create space so that everyone can use their gifts to glorify God. People may be distracted for a couple weeks, but they will get used to it!”


Some cultures are better than others

Paul Joseph Watson

A new study has found that 93 per cent of sex crimes in Finland committed by migrants are committed by migrants from Islamic countries.

An investigation by the country’s police academy revealed that 1052 asylum seekers were suspected of crimes in 2016, with two thirds of them being Iraqis.

The figures also show that out of 116 suspects of sexual offenses, 108 came from Islamic countries like Iraq (83), Afghanistan (14) and Morocco (6).

32 per cent of the crimes were rapes, while 16 per cent were gang rapes and 16 per cent were sexual harassment. Nearly half of the crimes were committed against Finnish girls under the age of 18.

Finland has a foreign born population of around 5.5 per cent, the majority of whom are Russian, Swedish, Estonian and from the former Soviet Union, meaning Muslim migrants do not make up anywhere near a majority of the immigrant population yet are responsible for the vast majority of sex crimes committed by migrants.

Last year, Finland suffered its first Islamic terror attack in history after 10 people were stabbed in central Turku, Southwest Finland by Abderrahman Bouanane, a rejected Moroccan asylum seeker.


Teens, millennials showing largest jump in diagnoses due to social media, electronics

Jamie White

Major depression cases skyrocketed by 33 percent from 2013 to 2016, according to a study by health insurer Blue Cross Blue Shield Association (BCBSA).

The spike is even more serious for young people, with a 47 percent jump in millennials and a 63 percent jump in adolescents.

“The high rates for adolescents and millennials could have a substantial health impact for decades to come,” BCBSA chief medical officer Trent Haywood said in a press release.Overuse of social media and electronics may be a contributing factor in the elevated depression rates.

“It is possible that the increased rates of depression in adolescents are related to a combination of increased electronics use and sleep disruptions in already vulnerable individuals,” said Dr. Karyn Horowitz, a psychiatrist affiliated with Emma Pendleton Bradley Hospital in Rhode Island.


Likens terrorists to refugees

Joe Jankowski

Justin Trudeau’s administration says that Canadians who leave their country to fight with ISIS have a “right to return” and will offer counseling to the terrorists sympathizers.

MIGRANT CALLS HOST RACIST, SAYS “Women Should Be Slaughtered If They Don’t Shut Up”


A migrant exploded with rage after being told dinner was over as reported by Swedish media. Two supervisors of the state-approved housing unit explained to the migrant he returned too late and missed the evening’s dinner. The Afghan migrant became livid and channeled his rage at the female worker.

“He said he would f**&% her and her whole family as well as kill her.” During his outburst, he invoked how his father would handle his plight. “[My] father said that women [should] shut up and they [should] be slaughtered if they did not,” said the berserk migrant.


Virus originally detected in China

Thomas Mackie

Scientists have claimed that porcine deltacoronavirus, a virus that causes illness in pigs, could pose a lethal threat to the human race after groundbreaking lab results.

Lab tests show the virus, first detected in China in 2012, moves between the cells of different species including humans.

The disease shows similarities to the deadly viruses responsible for Sars (severe acute respiratory syndrome) and Mers (Middle East respiratory syndrome) which together have caused the death of more than 1,000 people.



A West Virginia school has come under fire for instructing junior high students to write the Islamic profession of faith, “There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.”


Girls as young as 12 receive HPV vaccine


Autoimmune diseases. Linked to exposure to chemicals (including metals) are on the rise, with more and more people being stricken with these illnesses each year.


A team of Caltech researchers has discovered that social isolation causes the build-up of a particular chemical in the brain, and that blocking this chemical eliminates the negative effects of isolation.


The Iranian Justice Seeker Student Movement group has distributed posters calling for the destruction of the embassy.


Polls show that over the past 15 years, the proportion of white evangelicals in the United States has steadily been on the decline, while the non-religious sector of the population continues to soar.

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difference between real estate developer and realtor

A good friend explained the difference between a realtor and a real estate developer.

Here’s the explanation:

Are you a software analyst or are you a venture capitalist?
Realtor is the guy that sold you one unit in your townhouse
Developer is the guy who develops the whole 75 unit complex and maybe some retail spaces along with it
Realtor = salesperson, they’re commission-based, like a used car salesman
Real estate developer = have the vision, capital, construction team, to build entire projects… not commission-based, owner profit-based

What kind of apple does Panera Bread serve as a side?

What side do you like with your Panera Bread entree: baguette, chips, or apple? What I want to know is what kind of apple does Panera Bread serve on the side. My research on Twitter has turned up a variety of answers: McIntosh, Fuji, Gala, and Red Delicious.

TBH (to be honest), if it was Fuji or Gala, I would say yes, and anything else I would say no. You know, the type of apple does make a difference to some people, cf. Top 15 most popular varieties of apples.

My guess is that each Panera Bread location or region might have different apple suppliers in the supply chain, so there isn’t one consistent type of apple served at all Panera Bread locations. Can anyone confirm or deny?

Other people have asked, “Why is it that no one at Panera knows what kind of apples they serve?” and “What apple does panera bread serve with its meals?


The last 2 times I went to my neighborhood Panera Bread in Aliso Viejo, they didn’t even ask which side I wanted. The first time the cashier just said, “It comes with a baguette on the side, is that ok?” The second time, a different cashier didn’t say anything about the side, and I was served potato chips.

And, in some locations, Panera Bread has even served a dinner roll instead of a baguette on the side, to the consternation of some, cf. “Panera swaps baguettes for bread rolls, angers customers” (Kansas City Star, October 2014).

Here’s an actual photo from someone’s Panera Bread meal. Can you tell what kind of apple this is?

apple on the side

As an aside, yes, Panera Bread has a Fuji Apple Salad with Chicken, but that salad is topped with (dehydrated) apple chips, not freshly sliced Fuji apples.

Battery for 2012 Toyota Prius c

There are 2 batteries in the 2012 Toyota Prius c: 1 big one for the hybrid engine (aka hybrid battery pack) and 1 small normal one for the electrical accessories and starting the engine (aka auxiliary battery).

Found out I had a dead battery last night, so I wound up researching to find the battery needed to replace it. Thought I’d share my research so you can save some time. Essential battery info:

  • 12-volt battery
  • Dimensions: L- 9 5/16 in.; W- 5 1/16 in.; H 8 15/16 in.
  • Terminal Type: SAE-JIS Pencil Post
  • OEM Part Number: 8171-767

And other specs on the battery can have some variance, like cranking amps, amperage, width, length. Height is very tight in the Prius c, so look for a perfect fit there.

According to Amazon.com, the battery that fits the 2012 Toyota Prius c is this: Optima Batteries 8171-767 (DS46B24R) YellowTop Prius Battery. Amazon.com comment says this battery also fits the 2nd generation Prius (2004 – 2009).

Others batteries that appear to be compatible for Toyota Prius and Toyota Prius c are:

Duracell Ultra Platinum AGM Battery for 2012 Toyota Prius L4 1.8L 325CCA Hybrid Car (Batteries Plus)

Bosch Premium Performance Battery Group, Size 51 – Part #: 51-440BAGM (Pep Boys)

For this 12-volt battery, you can expect to pay around $200, give or take $100.

Here’s a series of videos that shows you how to change out the battery in a 2012-2015 Toyota Prius C.

In case you’re curious, I went with the Bosch battery because Pep Boys is closest to home. And, I couldn’t drive to the store for them to install the battery for free, because the car had a dead battery. So I had to remove the old battery, bring that into the store for recycling, and install the new one. Worked up a sweat. This is the second car incident when I’ve had a car with dead battery. What’s bad about it is that there’s no warning for when the battery is going to die, it just dies. Your car just won’t start. And you’re stranded. With all the technology advances today, you’d think someone would have developed a warning alert or something.

On another note, here are articles about the hybrid battery pack:

The Ultimate Guide: Toyota Prius Battery Life, Cost, and Warranty (Green Car Reports, 2011)

Replacing A Dead Prius Hybrid Battery Doesn’t Have To Cost Thousands Of Dollars (Forbes, 2014)

Our Point of View: Prius Battery Change is No Big Deal (Toyota, 2008)

How to fix if Samsung Galaxy S3 Cyanogenmod screen won’t lock

Using Cyanogenmod 10.2 on a Samsung Galaxy S3, and noticed that the lock screen won’t activate, after trying all kinds of settings. Eventually found the solution at forum.xda-developers.com::

There’s a lock screen activation button on the quick settings (tiles that come down swiping down on the right side of the screen). It needs to be activated for lock screen to be active. 

And, if you’re using the Tasker app, the message forum thread there also talks about another setting in Tasker than might suppress the ability to lock your screen.