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how to cancel LA Fitness account with the greatest of ease — January 22, 2023

how to cancel LA Fitness account with the greatest of ease

I needed to cancel to LA Fitness accounts for my in-laws, since they haven’t used their membership for years, as they are aging into their 80s.

Looking at the LA Fitness website, the cancellation form was behind an online account login, which they don’t have. I search for an answer on the web and they made it sound difficult to cancel and required mailing a cancellation form that you could get from a LA fitness location.

To my surprise, I walk into the Irvine location, asked for cancellation forms. But the guy just asked for the members’ names and phone number, marked the accounts for cancellation, and said the Operations manager would confirm the cancellations by email this week.

Your mileage may vary.

2022 info about Spire Stone: Stress Management and Activity Tracker — October 24, 2022

2022 info about Spire Stone: Stress Management and Activity Tracker

Unfortunately, the Spire Stone app on iOS and Android no longer exists. Don’t waste $90+ buying this hardware that is just plain worthless. For no good reason, there’s an Amazon seller that’s still listing the item for sale. That’s just so wrong.

recent amazon reviews for Spire Stone

What Happened to Spire Stone?

The only indicator of what happened to it was a tweet reply that said Spire Stone support would end in June 2020:

And on the Spire Health website, the Stone basically quietly disappeared along the way in 2019 on its website, to be replaced with a newer product called Health Tag. The Spire Stone did have some neat features back in its day, as this screen shot of the Quick Start Guide shows—

Is Cloudflare Causing WordPress Redirect Loop? — July 5, 2022

Is Cloudflare Causing WordPress Redirect Loop?

How I fixed the WordPress installation on my web hosting service when it had a wp-admin redirect loop. I’m sharing this in hopes it will save hours of time for others.

First, I had registered a new domain name using the Cloudflare Registrar, which is one of the very few domain registrars that has at-cost pricing for registration and renewal. Then I setup my new domain name to point to the web hosting shared IP address by adding a DNS A record.

I did a fresh installation on my web hosting service ( using Softaculous, and that was very easy. I was able to go to my new website (or new blog) home page, and see everything a-okay. However, but I got this redirect loop error message when I tried to go to where I would normally go to login for the WordPress Admin Dashboard.

redirect loop error

And, depending on your web hosting, you might have 1 of these 2 error messages:

Temporarily Unavailable
We apologize for the inconvenience, but this page is currently unavailable. Please check back again later.

429 Too Many Requests
The requested URL is rate-limited and has received too many requests within a short amount of time.

How I fixed the redirect loop for WordPress Admin and a Domain Registered at Cloudflare

I found more than a handful of articles with troubleshooting tips to fix the redirect loop on WordPress like at here and here and here. Those tips may fix other people’s WordPress situation, but it did not fix mine.

What I had to do was go back to the Cloudflare admin dashboard and turn off proxy for the 2 DNS records that pointed to my web hosting server.

Then I made a new installation of WordPress via Softaculous. Went all the way through to the admin link and made sure everything was working. Then, and only then, I went back to the Cloudflare admin dashboard and turn ON proxy for those 2 DNS records.

Why did this make a difference, a big difference? It has something to do with how SSL works from a user’s web browser to the Cloudflare DNS and that goes to the web server. When that SSL connection is proxied by Cloudflare (instead of directly connected, without proxy), the WordPress admin and web server and SSL status gets confused and messed up or something that makes it not work. Hope this was helpful.

Other References

Fix For Redirect Loops on WordPress with CloudFlare’s Flexible/Universal SSL

where have all my websites gone? — April 23, 2022

where have all my websites gone?

I woke up this morning, in the usual way.. but this one is very different. All my websites are gone. Just gone gone. I’m on tech support and they’re investigating. This is not good. Countless hours of work in the thousands. Not sure I’ve reached the mythical 10,000 hours mark. Vanished into thin air?

I’ve been blogging 20 years, podcasting for over 10 years, a handful of other websites for good things, and they’re just gone. I have some backups, one website at a time, but it’s going to take many hours to restore and reconstruct. Lord help me.

To retrace my history, have to think up and recall all the websites that are affected, since I didn’t keep track of all of that. Let’s see, here’s what I’m remembering and noting, as I work on (some) restoration, and it’s making me wonder if I’m going to restore everything, or just some things.

DJ Chuang websites #restored #restored (the first 3 years)

w** (not crawled by internet)

My websites and blogs scattered elsewhere

After the Weekend Update

Considerations in Caring for Chinese Elders, in Mandarin 照顾年迈的父母 — April 5, 2022

Considerations in Caring for Chinese Elders, in Mandarin 照顾年迈的父母

The season of life that’s most challenging is caring for elderly parents. It’s hard for any parent-child relationship. And there are particular challenges in a Chinese American family, some of which regarding the nuances of navigating Chinese cultural traditions and expectations. Every family and every person is different.

人生中最具挑战性的季节是照顾年迈的父母。 任何亲子关系都很难。 美国华裔家庭也面临着特殊的挑战,其中一些挑战与驾驭中国文化传统和期望的细微差别有关。 每个家庭和每个人都是不同的。

Here are 2 talks from a seminar at Chinese Bible Church of Maryland (CBCM); audios are in Chinese Mandarin.

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