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SocialCross was a Christian Social Network — August 2, 2020

SocialCross was a Christian Social Network

A good number of social networks have existed over the years by Christians and for Christians. According to this Christian Post article (August 2017)—New SocialCross Website Offers Christians an Alternative to Facebook—one Christian network launched very quickly, called SocialCross—

In just three weeks since it has been launched, over 2,300 users have signed up for SocialCross” … the website’s co-founder, Rich Penkoski, a West Virginia-based preacher and co-founder of the online pre-denominational ministry Warriors for Christ, told The Christian Post…

… Along with Penkoski, the site was founded by his wife, Amanda, and their colleagues Anita Kallinicos and Nellchy Kentley. But with little Web development experience between the four of them, they hired the Indian-based company Pas Softech to build the new website.

The operating costs for running this social network was notable:

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more about FaithVillage social network — June 16, 2020

more about FaithVillage social network

Video Introducing

Where do you go to find good Christian content online?

Let’s face it, Googling “God” is just not good enough. Introducing, a new social network for faith resources coming in 2011.

FaithVillage surrounds a robust social media experience with blogs, forums, videos, podcasts, articles, news, shopping and more. You’ll find some of the best content online served up to you in one convenient place. And FaithVillage is accessed through an awesome visual interface that mimics the kind of real brick and mortar neighborhood you like to hang out in.

If you were stranded on a deserted island and could only take one web site with you, FaithVillage is that site.

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FaithVillage was a social network for faith experiences —
There was a ChurchSpot ministry tool — May 20, 2020
The City Innovated Church Tech Had a 10 Year Life Span — October 5, 2019

The City Innovated Church Tech Had a 10 Year Life Span

There once was a popular church in Seattle with lots of people and they built a digital platform called The City to engage churchgoers. That was 2006. And it was a beautiful vision—

The City is driven by a compelling vision emanating from Matthew 5:14.

Having recently left his job at to become a pastor in his church, Zack Hubert was wrestling with ways of harnessing technology to facilitate the growth of a rapidly self-organizing and expanding church. He was inspired to create the original concept for The City after this passage in the Bible that says, “a city on a hill cannot be hidden.”

Since inception, we at The City have been driven to make it easier for churches to connect newcomers, build deeper community, equip leaders and unleash people to serve and make a lasting impact on their world with the Gospel.

The City has grown and is now being used by churches and organizations all over the world. As The City continues to grow, so does the vision, and we feel blessed to be along for the ride.

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