#InspiredMobility is for the Inspired Mobility campaign of AT&T

The hashtag #InspiredMobility was launched in July 2014 by AT&T to be “a national conversation about the cultural shift in how people use mobile and Internet technology to enhance their faith experience.” The official press release mentioned how it all started, Inspired Mobility: Using Mobile Technologies to Uplift and Inspire –

… Jason Caston, an AT&T consultant and spokesperson, and digital platform and innovation specialist for T.D. Jakes Ministries, kicked-off the Inspired Mobility conversation during the AT&T sponsored closing session entitled, Trending Topics in Tech: Faith in a Mobile World.


Chip Dizard recorded part of that conversation-starter; listen to – Inspired Mobility: Faith in a Mobile World (Podcast). And the conversation is starting on a handful of blogs here and there, like this one, Selfies in church? Yes, please – how technology is amplifying inspired moments (flowerscomm.com) –

Many, not all, African Americans are deeply connected to their faith community, which serves as the bedrock of spiritual activity, and is a place where key stakeholders who want to have high reach and credible relationships with this community, turn to share messages. Brands with programs such as AT&T’s Inspired Mobility have achieved great success in connecting with the black community, in a relevant way, where they are already actively engaged. According to a recent AT&T survey in collaboration with EBONY magazine, the research points to an overwhelming acceptance with more than 90% of survey respondents indicating technology has a place in the church. Additionally, nearly 80% of respondents indicated that technology has had a positive impact on their worship experience, with the largest percentage of respondent’s using mobile devices to read scripture (22%) or take notes (15%).

At the moment, the conversation is coming and going on social media, so if you happen to catch the hashtag #InspiredMobility in your timeline, you can see what the chatter is and add to the conversations. Or you can start one, but that’s kind of a scary leap of faith when no one adds a comment or reply.

Maybe there will be an online home for this campaign soon where people can more easily see all the current conversations and it’d be more fun to join in…


Frank the Podcast, in memory of

In March 2010, a group of people who didn’t take themselves too seriously and their Christian faith too, started a podcast, called Frank the Podcast.

From the Facebook page, “Frank the Podcast is was a humorous and irreverent look at life informed by faith. Featuring the style and panache of TJ Hill, Janelle Burris, Kyle Kerchner, Darin Mcwatters, Stephanie Momary, and Glen Smallman.” Also described as: Frank the Podcast featured the style and panache of TJ Hill, Kyle Kerchner, Darin Mcwatters, Stephanie Momary, and Glen Smallman each a virtuoso of fun and revelry in their own right.

On March 15, 2013 after 159 episodes, Frank the Podcast breathed its last. The entire archive of almost every Frank the Podcast episode ever created was available for download for a time, a short time, and no longer. I can’t find where I thought I had downloaded it. If you have a copy, please let me know. I’d love to reminisce.

A few relics of the past still floating out in cyberspace aka the internets:





Christians and Churches organizing movements

Here’s 2 collaborative efforts with churches, ministries, and Christians, for networking team players to work together for city renewal:

1) Gospelmovements.org is a place for movement leaders to connect and share ideas, as well as a place of learning for those interested in initiating or joining a movement in their city. A Gospel Movement is a united, sustainable effort by churches and cultural leaders to transform their city by meeting critical needs and sharing the love and message of Jesus Christ. “it takes a movement to change a city”

2) Mission America Coalition started its cityreaching efforts in 1993:

The mission of the City/Communities Ministries Team of the Mission America Coalition is to identify, connect, resource and empower gospel advancing leaders who prayerfully facilitate churches and ministries partnering for holistic evangelism, revival, and spiritual awakening. This vision engages leaders who collaborate with local congregations and ministries to proclaim and practice Christ for the Cities through a Prayer-Care-Share lifestyle.

And LOVE2020 is the Mission America Coalition’s initiative for this — “We believe every person in America should be loved by at least one follower of Jesus from this day through 2020.”

LOVE2020 is a movement of thousands of Christians from every walk of life including national ministries, denominations, churches, ministry networks, marketplace and city/community ministries.

LOVE2020 is a call to followers of Jesus everywhere to be loving others by living a simple and powerful lifestyle of praying, caring and sharing the love of Jesus Christ with those around them in deed and word.

It is time for a great movement of godly love in the United States and beyond. It is time to commit to follow Jesus Christ unreservedly and to share His love in deed and word with every possible person.

Every person, young and old, in America should have the opportunity of being authentically loved by at least one committed follower of Jesus Christ by the yearend of 2020. Every person should know God loves and cares deeply for him or her.”

And, one more thing.

There’s one technology platform called Meet the Need that helps churches and charities find and connect resources with community needs:

There are tremendous inefficiencies today in how charities communicate needs to local churches and businesses (via emails, newsletters and phone calls), and how churches share needs with their members (via the pulpit and the bulletin).  No technology vendor has brought modern tools to connect and mobilize cities to serve those in need – until Meet The Need.   Meet The Need automates all of those communication processes and provides each church and charity with a single platform for managing volunteers, in-kind donations, families in need, events, drives, etc., saving money spent on purchasing and time spent learning all of those different systems.

Coming to this venue in June

Baptisms on June 8th

Get ready to celebrate the stories of new life! We’re going to have our first baptisms from the Uni High venue.  We can’t wait to hear their stories of how they starting coming this past Easter, and now it’s time to celebrate in the water.  If you are interested in getting baptized, we want to hear your story, too.  Email DJ Crawford for details: djglocal@gmail.com

Father’s Day is June 22nd

Root Beer, Corn Nuts, and Hot Wings. Join us after service by celebrating Dad’s Day.  If your father isn’t in town, it’s ok, you can still come and chow down with all of us. Your Father in Heaven will be worshipped.  

We are so blessed with the summer activities for this venue.  We’re hoping you’ll keep coming back and growing with us!


Churches by the Numbers: Annual Reports from Churches

An annual report is a form of communication that neatly provides a review of an organization’s overall status, good for checking the progress towards an organization’s mission, its results, and finances. Churches are beginning to present their annual reports in a format similar to what is used in the corporate world for investors. (For churches with significant budgets, people would want well-managed finances rather than mom-and-pop operations.)

Here’s a sampling of church annual reports, listed in no particular order (available on the Internet at the time of this posting)::

One good example of financial accountability was a church with a website footer section that put its “annual report” link right under their “give online” link.