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How to Delete Multiple Photos from Flickr — March 17, 2022

How to Delete Multiple Photos from Flickr

There’s a way to bulk delete photos in Flickr, but it’s not very obvious. But once you know, you know. Here’s how.

After you login to Flickr, go to and that gets you to the Batch Organize feature.

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Does Brave or Safari give more battery life on 2014 MacBook Air? — November 9, 2021
how to use htaccess on nginx server — October 15, 2021

how to use htaccess on nginx server

Web hosting used to be a lot more lenient and allowed different language encoding on a per page basis, by using a META tag in the <HEAD> section like:

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=big5"> 

But recently discovered that my web hosting server (and perhaps many others) have a server-defined language character set encoding, and the META tag is ignored, so to speak.

When Did UTF-8 Take Over as the Web Standard

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What happened to — September 10, 2021

What happened to

Next Gener.Asian Church was a team blog about the collision of faith and Asian American culture that lived on the Web from 20062018.

This was its description:

Next Gener.Asian Church is a collaborative team blog to discuss issues facing Asian American culture and the Christian faith. Our contributors come from different ethnic Asian American backgrounds and a diverse range of theological perspectives with the common goal of seeing Jesus Christ magnified in our cultural contexts as well as our culture at large.

And, it was the website where An Open Letter to the Evangelical Church from the Asian American Community was posted in 2013.

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Scoville Heat Units of Gringo Bandito Hot Sauces — August 28, 2021