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skype screen sharing not working mac — December 12, 2017

skype screen sharing not working mac

I was on a Skype video conference call recently, and was ready to do a screen share to talk about a spreadsheet on my screen. I went to my menu bar and couldn’t find the Screen Share command any more. This is on a Mac, a MacBook Air, to be specific.

What happened?

I’m using Skype version on Mac OSX 10.11.6 (15G18013).

After I searched and searched, eventually found the answer in Skype support.

The Share Screen command is now under the (+) symbol at the bottom of the screen, next to the video button, the hangup button, and the mute button—going from right to left. Not real intuitive for some.

I’ll add a screen shot when I can find someone on Skype to test it out with me.

How to Delete Contact Lists in Skype — May 5, 2016

How to Delete Contact Lists in Skype

This Skype bug was noticed in September 2015, where Skype users (myself included) could not delete a Contact List, formerly know as Contact Groups, as noted in the Skype Community:

You know you had deleted a Skype contact list the other day, but when you signed in to Skype, the list was there again. What happened?

The solution was found in a thread, How to delete Skype lists that were originally Messenger Groups? that called these Skype contact lists “zombie lists” and here’s the steps involved to permanently deleting these contact lists:

  1. Go to People app website <> and sign in to your Microsoft account (same account that you use for Skype).
  2. Make sure you are signed in to Skype Desktop as well.
  3. In the People site, on the left side, find each Skype list (Messenger group; hereafter called “group”) you want to remove.
    • For ease of searching, try disabling some of the contact types (such as Outlook, Skype, Messenger) in the Settings menu until only the groups you want to remove are mostly shown. The menu appears when you click the gear icon near your name on top right.
  4. Click on the group, so the contacts (if any) are listed on right.
  5. Click on Delete in the top bar, then click on Delete in the popup to confirm.screenshot showing how to delete contact list (group) in People app
    • Note that the deleted group may still appear in the left list – this is a bug of People app. If you reload the site, it will go away.
  6. Go to Skype Desktop’s Contacts pane, and open the group.
  7. Click on the Delete icon near the group name, and click Delete button to confirm.
    screenshot showing how to delete contact list (group) in Skype desktop
  8. Repeat the two delete actions (steps 3 to 7) for each group you want to remove.