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How to force pairing Apple wireless keyboard with Mac — May 22, 2012

How to force pairing Apple wireless keyboard with Mac

With Setup Bluetooth Device not open, press and hold the power button on the aluminum wireless keyboard, paying attention to the fact that the green light does come on (otherwise you’re basically holding it in the off position!).


Select Setup Bluetooth Device from the Bluetooth menu icon. The keyboard is certain to be listed.


While still holding that button down, click Continue.


Don’t let go when you see the Connecting message!


Soon after, the set of numbers for you to type should appear. Now you can let go of the power, and the sync up should work correctly.

This is what it took to get an aluminum Apple wireless keyboard to pair with the desktop iMac – after I had paired that keyboard with an iPad and the keyboard bluetooth pairing wouldn’t let go of that sweet memory or something…

Logitech Wave Keyboard skipping characters — January 17, 2012

Logitech Wave Keyboard skipping characters

Out of no where, my keyboard started malfunctioning. I’m typing along and some characters don’t show up on the screen like they’ve always done, and there was no discernable pattern. So this wasn’t a hardware issue per se. And the keyboard is fairly clean. The SetPoint software says the batteries in the keyboard have a “Good” status.

Found that I wasn’t alone – “Wave Keyboard Slow Response-Misses Characters Typed

I have been using a wireless Wave keyboard/mouse combo for several months. 2 months ago, the keyboard started responding very slowly (missing characters as I typed). At the time, I tried everything, including replacing batteries, reinstalling the software and the procedure for reconnecting the keyboard, including taking the batteries out and typing for 2 minutes to discharge the capacitors. Eventually it started working again.

Now it has happened again, and I did it all over again, but it still won’t work.

What else can I try? This is driving me nuts.


One thing to do to troubleshoot:

Please try the keyboard on another computer and see if the same problem occurs.


What’s worked for me, so far, is to take out the batteries for a couple of minutes to let the capacitors discharge, and install the latest SetPoint software (version 6.32.7 at time of this post.)