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Back story behind the online outreach site — July 10, 2013

Back story behind the online outreach site

A new website with lots of videos and articles about the Christian faith was launched. High quality content, not much about the people making this possible on their about page, terms of use, and privacy policy disclose. In the 21st century, transparency engenders trust, and here’s what is currently on the Internet about this good-faith project:

It’s Google+ page thanked “the +Austin American-Statesman for shedding light on our vision to #ExploreGod together” citing the news article, New campaign invites Austin-area residents to explore God, only available to

A contributor wrote: “I love the Explore God site because it is the antithesis of what I just described. The founders of this site have made it a refuge where those curious about Jesus can come and ask questions–hard questions–and get honest answers from people willing to admit they struggle too. I was thrilled (and terrified) when I was asked to contribute some devotionals for the Explore God site. This preference for “soft apologetics” in my own interactions with others is relatively new for me, and I had not written in this vein before.

Dan Wooldridge noted: “More than 150 churches in the greater Austin area are cooperating in this venture which is primarily financed by a generous investment by a few dedicated Christian professionals who have quietly been putting this together.

Thom Fulmer wrote: “He is doing a brand-new thing in Austin, Texas.  Over 300 churches of all denominations are united in an exploreGod campaign (  Our goal, to raise the spiritual conversation in Austin and let people who are curious feel free to ask and talk about God this fall.  These 300 churches will be teaching the same messages over a 7-week period, so the city has a chance to hear about, explore and find the God who loves them.  Billboards, website, banners are about to blanket our city.   Our bigger goal is the same as Isaiah 43:19 – that the LORD will make a pathway through the wilderness for His people to come home!” 

One church blogged: “PCC, along with over 270 churches in the Austin area, has signed on to the Explore God initiative. The goal of “Explore God” is to invite people to investigate questions about God in natural, non-threatening conversations. I love that goal! It’s not one of those “evangelistic crusade” campaigns that tries to turn believers into Jesus salesmen. In September, along with the other pastors, I’ll be preaching a 7-week series of messages on the “Explore God” theme that deals with the hard questions like: “Does life have a purpose?” “Is there a God?” “If God is good, why is there evil in the world?” All of our fall small groups will be using corresponding Explore God study material. … The idea is to engage in honest conversation.

Churches working together in a city to reach a city: “More and more of the Body of Christ in the Greater Austin area is working together thanks to the impact of the upcoming Explore God outreach.  This exciting unifying process has become more evident through the partnership of at least 24 churches which will participate in the Great Adventure, a backyard Bible club strategy offered at homes or apartment complexes all around the city. At least 13 of these partner churches have identified their connection with Explore God as the impetus for their participation in the Great Adventure.

Instilling the Value of Integrity in Your Heart — May 17, 2012

Instilling the Value of Integrity in Your Heart

There are two pathways that you can follow. The significant majority of people have come to believe for one reason or another that there is a God. If you’re not sure about that, then one route is to assume there is a God and test that, going through the process that I went through. If you’ve already convinced yourself that there isn’t a God — and so you can’t even test that hypothesis — then you need to ask yourself, does that mean that everyone else is misguided? Or might there be a reason why they think there is one. The reason why I think that is a plausible option is because it’s an important enough question that you don’t want to leave the answer untested.

The other option is for whatever reasons, you are convinced that’s not for you, you can still look to individuals that are the kind of person you want to be like. Using what I offered as a template might make it easier for people to say let me just add one or two other things and once you understand that’s the kind of person you want to become, then you can work on what you need to do in life to become that. I think you need to start from somewhere and I hope that I offer a process by which you can get there.

via Harvard's Clayton Christensen: Instilling the Value of Integrity in Your Heart – Arabic Knowledge@Wharton.