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Email services with .email extensions — April 5, 2018

Email services with .email extensions

The internet now has this wonderful new domain extension so people can have email addresses that end in a .EMAIL instead of .INFO or .COM. What’s great about these new top-level domains is that they just make sense.

Here’s a real life scenario. You meet Joe and he gives you his email JOE@EXAMPLE.XYZ — and you didn’t quite hear what he said after the dot. Or, you forgot it. You don’t have to be guessing and asking yourself, was it .INFO, or .NET, or .ORG, or .CO?? When Joe uses a .EMAIL extension, he has an unforgettable email like JOE@EXAMPLE.EMAIL.

This list has email services I could find so far with a .EMAIL ending. Please add a comment with other ones you know of or find.

Email Inbox – free webmail – secure email #paid – secue email #paid – secure email #paid – email with custom domains #paid

Disposable & Temporary Emails

Email Newsletter Service Provider #freemium

Other Email Services – send or share files up to 2GB for free – email for groups – hosted Exchange email – hosted email in the cloud – mail server software you can setup – email marketing evaluation service – email manager to help get it to inbox zero


Subject Lines from Staples Email Newsletters — January 6, 2017

Subject Lines from Staples Email Newsletters

Do you like how emails try to get your attention in the subject line? Would these subject lines make you click and open their email newsletter? Here’s some recent examples from

Screen Shot 2017-01-06 at 9.18.53 AM.png

  • 😉 THANKS: You received a Staples ink promo! – Don’t miss out on all these ways to save!
  • 🙂 Hi there! Here are your COUPONS. – Want more savings? Click here!
  • 🙂 OPEN ASAP: You’ve acquired an up to 50% discount. – Start saving even more!
  • Are you tech savvy? Up to $50 off these gifts! – Start saving even more!
  • ATTN: YOUR ink & toner discounts have arrived! – Don’t miss out on all these ways to save!
  • Confirmed: Promos are inside. – More unreal deals are waiting inside!
  • Don’t miss out. $30 coupons inside. – Shop Staples — save every time. DAILY DEALS STAPLES
  • Earned it ✔ You made the list for a COUPON for 15% off! – Want more savings? Click here!
  • Here is a 20% COUPON to get your fix. Well done! – Want more savings? Click here!
  • It’s yours – $15 ink & toner rewards. – More. More. More ways to save!
  • Not kidding! Up to $200 off laptops, happening now. – Want more savings? Click here!
  • ONLY HERE! These deals won’t last! – Start saving even more!
  • Ready for you: We’ve enclosed your 31% off Daily Deal. – Want more savings? Click here!
  • Special thanks! Up to $200 off this tech must have! – More. More. More ways to save!
  • THANKS! You’ve received paper for $29.99! – Ready for more savings? Click here!
  • Under $30 –– great gift ideas! – Don’t miss out on all these ways to save!
  • Up to $250 off — time to upgrade + Last Chance for Cyber Deals! – More unreal deals are waiting inside!
  • Up to 50% off –– save on chairs today! – Don’t miss out on all these ways to save!
  • You deserve the best –– up to $100 off! – More. More. More ways to save!
  • You’ve acquired a $200 discount. It’s confirmed! – Start saving even more!
  • You’ve made our list for 15% off ink & toner! – Ready for more savings? Click here!

What’s interesting is where places its email subscription form for their daily deals and exclusive offers. It doesn’t look like it’s easy to find on every web page for some reason.screen-shot-2017-01-06-at-9-28-06-am

What an encrypted email looks like — October 26, 2016

What an encrypted email looks like

What does it look like when you receive an encrypted message via email? Here’s an example of an actual secure email encrypted using a PGP key. This is know you know you’ve received an actual encrypted email and if it used your public key properly, and you have the private key to decrypt it, you’d be able to read this message.


Note that this message has been slightly obscured, so technically it is not possible to decrypt this sample encrypted message. This image is an illustration of how an encrypted email appears.

Real or fake email about a job interview? — March 30, 2013

Real or fake email about a job interview?

I just got this in my email inbox from an email address that was via Gmail. There is no company name, the identity of the person named did not return any Google results, and there is an entry on Yelp and email discussion thread on describing a similar situation. Looks suspicious. Real or fake?

From: <>



We are contacting you, regarding the resume you have recently posted on We are interested in your experiences and your achievements for our emergency expansion

Are you looking for Stable Career?

Do you know what the next boom is in the economy?

Next 18 years, every 11 second one baby boomer is retiring. 69% of them has a fear of Out live their money.

Forty Three Trillion Dollars are involved in this industry. …. Today knowing about money is necessary not a need.

We would like to invite you for an interview either on TUESDAY April 2ND AT 3:30 PM OR FRIDAY APRIL 5TH AT 10:00 A.M.

Please email back your choice, we will confirm it for you.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Best Regards,
<name clipped>

Senior Marketing Director
<phone clipped>

<address clipped>
Irvine Ca 92612

Respect people, Make Money, Have Fun.

[ed.note: I clipped personally identifiable information on this form email, not knowing what might happen with this kind of situation here or elsewhere.]

Becoming more productive and get rid of email — November 7, 2012

Becoming more productive and get rid of email

In early 2011, the CEO of a French IT company issued an usual memorandum. He banned email. Employees were discouraged from sending or receiving internal messages, with the goal of eradicating email within 18 months. Critics scoffed. Workers rebelled. But Thierry Breton, the CEO of Atos, has stuck to his guns, reducing message volume by an estimated 20%. His company, by the way, has 74,000 employees in 48 countries.

… So what’s the solution? Our idea: Turn email into a conversation. Get rid of the inbox. Build an online platform where departments can post and respond to messages on central discussion threads, Facebook-style. Then integrate that with Twitter and Facebook so great ideas can be broadcast–with a click–to the world. Conversations isn’t a revolutionary concept; it’s a duh-it’s-about-time concept. And it’s worked for us and 5 million clients. A year from now, we may well be reading email its last rites. Here’s why:

via Email Is The New Pony Express–And It’s Time To Put It Down | Fast Company.