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saving knowledge at — January 12, 2019

saving knowledge at

What I like to do is share freely for the good of humanity. There are plenty of people that want to make money from the things they do for other people. Make no mistake, I need to make money to pay the bills, too. I am not financially independent. But, in my free time, I like to be generous in sharing information and resources. That’s why I do what I do at – which is powered by the New Google Sites.

Not salvation in the Christian sense

Not to be confused here, I am not using religious jargon and terminology when using words like saving or knowledge, or good, or evil. In a certain context and in a certain book, those may have specific particular meaning. On this blog post and in that website, it’s mostly just the generic meaning of those plain English words.

see what Google cache has stored — May 31, 2012

see what Google cache has stored

After quite a research trip, found a way to lookup the Google Cache to see what web pages have been preserved even when someone has removed a website for whatever reason. The URL prefix to use is —

and what you’d do is replace what’s after the colon with the full URL for which you’d want to check the Google Cache. For example, here’s what it’s got for the cache of