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Number of Asian Americans at Urbana 2009 Missions Conference — December 19, 2012

Number of Asian Americans at Urbana 2009 Missions Conference

According to one report I’ve seen, here are some statistics about the Asian (and, by inference, Asian American and Asian North American) demographic in attendance at Urbana 2009 Student Missions Conference hosted by InterVarsity every 3 years:

… Of the 15,800 who attended Urbana 2009, 3,849 (24.4%) delegates were of Asian or South Asian descent.

… .Of the top 10 campus ministries represented, the majority of students came from InterVarsity, InterVarsity Canada, or didn’t represent a campus ministry. But the Asian ministries also were well represented:
#6. Chinese Christian Fellowship
#7. Asian American Christian Fellowship
#14. Korean Christian Fellowship

… of the top 10 countries represented at Urbana, five were from Asia:
#3. Japan
#4. South Korea
#5. China
#6. Hong Kong
#10. India

Sometimes statistics can be helpful, giving data for potentially meaningful conversations as a point of reference. Let’s see what’ll happen at Urbana 12 next week in St. Louis!! I’ll be live-blogging and connecting with as many people as I possibly can.

[update 28 Dec 2012@UrbanaMissions Tweet:

ethnic demographics: 56% Caucasian, 30% East Asian, 7.7% African Am, 6.3% Hispanic/Latino, 6.1% Southeast Asian, 2.9% South Asian

[update April 2016] via Urbana 15 staffworker:

Urbana 15 attendance was ~16,000 and its multiethnic demographics was about 53% non-White and 47% White; ~40% Asian/Pacific Islander — inclusive of South Asian, ~7% SE Asian, 29% East Asian