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Thanks to the power of the interwebs I… — November 10, 2011

Thanks to the power of the interwebs I…

Thanks to the power of the interwebs, I received 2 ORANGE gifts via snail mail. 1 from and 1 from CaseCrown.

Klout sent me a perk, the new Settlers of Catan book Thank you Klout!

CaseCrown sent me a new iPad 2 case, in faux leather in ORANGE Thank you CaseCrown!!

WordPress com is not for archiving — September 1, 2011

WordPress com is not for archiving

Here’s the deal. is not a place for archiving my old tweets, not sure if it’s always been that way in the terms of service, or if terms of service got updated in mid-May 2011. Whatever it was that happened, it did get my blog and account suspended.

So, no more twitter archives here.

I do have twitter archives over at a subdomain of my main site, at – and it’s a searchable archive there, going back to November 2009.

And what’ll be the blogging thing that happens here, that’s different from my main blog + site at ? or my alternative site ? or my day in the life of ? What I can say for now is that with the magical microblogging-like P2 theme, this’ll take on a microblogging style kind of a thing.