What is your personal calling or vocation?

What previous generations searched for in life was its meaning, significance, and purpose. You know, the timeless question of what is the meaning of life. In recent years, there’s a lot of chatter about calling. In my life experience, I’ve found the word calling to be varied and broad in its meaning and application.

The most powerful process I’ve experienced to date that helped me to discern the essence of my personal calling is related to this life visioning process now called Younique.

Get Bible Based, Personal Breakthrough with a Plan to a Dream Job

Will Mancini explained this process was 10 years in the making: Younique launched as a new training company that brings a simple and powerful Life Plan experience to believers everywhere. It’s not just a brand new life planning process. It’s the first personal calling and life visioning experience for the church, thru the church to release the church.

The official website for this Younique company that helps churches and individuals discover their personal callings is lifeyounique.com – Younique is a life-long process of discovering and living out your unique life call.


About this Personal Calling Discovery Process

Personal Calling — Younique: Gospel Centered Life Design

Gospel-Centered Life Design could radically change the trajectory and fruitfulness of your life.

Some of the people that facilitate this life-changing process are: Will Mancini, Dave Rhodes, David Loveless, and Kandi Pfeiffer.




essential difference between hypomania and mania

While mania and hypomania have many similar symptoms, like having high energy, rapid thinking. and such. What makes it mania, instead of hypomania. are these differentiating characters:

  1. lasts at least a week
  2. severely impaired from normal functioning, feeling debilitated
Medicinenet states it this way, from https://www.medicinenet.com/mania_vs_hypomania/article.htm#mania_vs_hypomania_facts

What is mania and what is hypomania?

  • Mania is a severe episode of elevated/euphoric or irritable mood and increased energy that usually lasts at least a week and severely interferes with the sufferer’s ability to function.
  • Hypomania is a less severe version of mania, in that it is characterized by somewhat elevated or irritable mood that may more mildly interfere with a person’s functioning to a less debilitating degree than mania.

What Stan said about the decades of a leader’s development

Sagely insight from leadership coach Stan Endicott, who I heard at the first Thirty.Network signature gathering a few years ago—

  • In your 20’s you discover who you are,
  • in your 30’s you do it,
  • in your 40’s you get really good at it,
  • in your 50’s you train up and teach others how to do what you’ve done, and
  • in your 60’s you’re the wise old sage and you it’s then time to reinvent yourself.

The original quote as captured by Brian who’s been coached by Stan:

Stan Endicott, always reminds me about the mark of the decades…which makes growing older sound like A LOT of fun! Stan says, ‘In your 20’s you discover who you are, in your 30’s you do it, in your 40’s you get really good at it, in your 50’s you train up and teach others how to do what you’ve done and in your 60’s you’re the wise old sage and you it’s then time to reinvent yourself.


Misplaced Shame of Sexual Assault with Asian Americans

“Statistics for sexual assault in Asian American communities are hard to come by, but a study by Asian Pacific Institute on Gender Based Violence found that anywhere from 21-55 percent of Asian American women report facing physical and or sexual violence in their lifetime. If we continue to create a culture of shame around survivors, less and less Asian American will report these incidents publically and we will not know how deeply this issue affects our communities.

We need to disrupt and transform our culture so that reporting sexual assault is not shameful. We need to raise our men and boys to respect women and know they will be held accountable for their action if they assault anyone. I want women and girls in the Asian community to live in a new time where sexual assault is unacceptable and has consequences for perpetrators. We need to disrupt culture and create an environment that allows survivors to feel safe, heard, and believed when they tell their stories.”

— Read on gracejisunkim.wordpress.com/2018/10/15/removing-the-burden-of-shame-sexual-assault-in-asian-american-communities/

Media Coverage at the 10th LA Printers Fair

KTLA 5 weekend morning news recorded 4 live videos at the venue, International Printing Museum @ “International Printing Museum Hosts 10th Annual LA Printers Fair.”



L.A. Weekly:

Technology keeps trying to take paper away from us, but man can’t live by computers and mobile devices alone. For the past 10 years, the Los Angeles Printers Fair has attracted thousands of visitors who use paper as both a necessity and an art form. This weekend, 80 vendors and independent artists, including the Angels Gate Cultural Center, Los Angeles Printmaking Society and Otis College of Art & Design Lab Press, will be selling letterpress and paper art, everything from antique books to posters to memorabilia. New this year is an appearance by Chris Fritton, a printer and poet who visited 120 letterpress shops across the country and produced 15,000 prints, which he chronicles in his new book, The Itinerant Printer. The schedule also features tours of the International Printing Museum, which was founded in 1988 and houses one of the largest antique printing presses in America, a special exhibit on the fair’s last decade, demonstrations, and printing and paper-making workshops.

The L.A. Printers Fair is Like Coachella For People Who Love Letterpress (LAist, 2017)

Los Angeles Printers Fair at International Printing Museum

Find the International Printing Museum official website at printmuseum.org

About the LA Printers Fair

The Los Angeles Printers Fair at The International Printing Museum in Carson, CA celebrates a decade of bringing the best of letterpress, book arts, and the paper arts to the LA area. With the backdrop of the world’s largest collection of working antique presses, the LA Printers Fair annually brings together 80 artistic vendors and 1,700 visitors to experience the creative worlds of handmade books and beautiful printing.

Exhibitors include many of the greatest letterpress and printmaking artists in the Southwest and beyond, offering custom posters, printings, hand-printed cards, memorabilia, hand-made paper, and antiquarian books for sale. Throughout the Museum’s galleries visitors can print their own keepsakes on antique letterpresses, have their name cast in printer’s type, make paper by hand, or even screen print their own shirt! All proceeds from the fair go to The International Printing Museum, a non-profit institution dedicated to the heritage, preservation, and advancement of the printing arts.


Time Out says:

Typography aficionados, take note: The annual LA Printers Fair is back to fulfill all of your paper fantasies. Hit up the Printing Museum in Carson and peruse paper selections, ink, rare books and printing press equipment. Plus, the event is home to “The Largest Letterpress Swap Meet in the West,” with letterpress supplies, wood and metal type, ink and presses. If you’re more interested in looking than buying, spend the afternoon scoping out the demos and tours throughout the museum galleries.


Can I add Google Analytics to a WordPress.com site?

To get Google Analytics site statistics on your website powered by WordPress.com, you will need to upgrade to the Business plan.

Here’s how it’s stated at this WordPress.com support article about Google Analytics:

Google Analytics support on WordPress.com is available as a feature of the WordPress.com Business plan. Visit Settings → Traffic under My Sites to enable Google Analytics.

If you paid for the right upgrade, you’ll be able to see a screen that looks something like this:

Is the answer yes or no for using Google Analytics on WordPress.com?

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