3 great Vancouver restaurants for hand-pulled noodles

Got three recommendations for Hand Pulled Noodles in Vancouver, from a friend there:

Peaceful Restaurant
532 W Broadway,
Vancouver, BC V5Z1E9, CA

Legendary Noodle
4191 Main St,
Vancouver, BC V5V3P6, CA

Sha Lin Noodle House
548 W Broadway W,
Vancouver, BC V5Z1E9, CA

Where you can download ScreenChomp? Nowhere.

I was looking for the ScreenChomp app because I wanted to create a whiteboard drawing video, and it was recommended on several articles. Unfortunately, those were older articles. ScreenChomp app was discontinued at the end of August 2016 and it went dark.

Excerpt from the TechSmith official announcement at https://feedback.techsmith.com/techsmith/topics/screenchomp-end-of-product-support-announcement


ScreenChomp – End of Product Support Announcement


Thanks for using ScreenChomp, our experimental Labs app for creating bite-sized video nuggets. We’ve valued your participation with this application, and learned quite a bit through hearing about how the app has been used by both students and teachers in the classroom.

However, support for ScreenChomp will be ending on 8/31/2016. Moving forward, we will be increasing our focus on the solutions which are making the most impact for our customers, including Snagit and Camtasia.

The Details

ScreenChomp will be removed from the app store on 6/14/2016, after which time you won’t be able to download or re-install the application. If you already have ScreenChomp installed, you are welcome to continue using it as usual until the final retirement on 8/31/2016, at which time sharing will be disabled.

Where Shake Shack Gets its Beef for its Burgers

“Beef is a good example to use. At the beginning we had one location in New York City with relatively low volume. At that time, we worked very closely with Pat LaFrieda Meats to help identify the right Shake Shack blend of meat. Over the last six years, we have really dug in to understand where our beef is coming from. I get to travel to the different parts of the U.S. to see the ranches, the feedlots and ultimately the harvesting facility where the raw material comes from. As we have grown, we have continued to build relationships with these companies and farmers. I’ve driven around Kansas in this guy’s pick-up, going from farm to farm learning how he chooses cattle from a particular farmer. We let them know how important their decisions are to us because it dictates what ends up on our griddles. We want humanely raised beef coming from people who are doing the right thing for their farms, their land and their animals. The farmers feel great about where their beef is going when we let them know how passionate we are about having the best product.  

Source: Shake Shack’s supply chain guru on sourcing better burgers | GreenBiz

Email services with .email extensions

The internet now has this wonderful new domain extension so people can have email addresses that end in a .EMAIL instead of .INFO or .COM. What’s great about these new top-level domains is that they just make sense.

Here’s a real life scenario. You meet Joe and he gives you his email JOE@EXAMPLE.XYZ — and you didn’t quite hear what he said after the dot. Or, you forgot it. You don’t have to be guessing and asking yourself, was it .INFO, or .NET, or .ORG, or .CO?? When Joe uses a .EMAIL extension, he has an unforgettable email like JOE@EXAMPLE.EMAIL.

This list has email services I could find so far with a .EMAIL ending. Please add a comment with other ones you know of or find.

Email Inbox

http://www.mail-online.email – free webmail

https://zerobit.email – secure email #paid

https://sigma.email – secue email #paid

https://xs.email – secure email #paid

http://fanmail.email – email with custom domains #paid

Disposable & Temporary Emails






Email Newsletter Service Provider

http://author.email #freemium

Other Email Services

https://mediacenter.email – send or share files up to 2GB for free

https://gaggle.email – email for groups

http://www.tws.email – hosted Exchange email

http://www.sharkspot.email – hosted email in the cloud


https://mailinabox.email – mail server software you can setup

https://winning.email – email marketing evaluation service

https://clean.email – email manager to help get it to inbox zero


Who runs christiannewspost.com ?

At the time of this post, there is no public-facing information about who is behind christiannewspost.com—information like the non-profit organization’s status, names of leadership and staff, mailing address, phone number.

This kind of information is typically published on the about page, contact page, and also embedded in the terms & conditions and privacy policy, but not yet at christiannewspost.com.

What information about christiannewspost.com is there? Its donation page links to a PayPal page with “Business of Christ.” Its Facebook page has a team member named ZE Jameson, in Sarawak, Malaysia.

Public information helps to build trust for a website’s content and the organization operating the website, especially for nonprofit organizations and NGOs.