Yes, I’ve got an old MacBook Air that’s 7 years old, and it’s still running decently well. Better than a typical Chromebook, from what I can tell. Though I can’t say for sure, because I haven’t tried the newest Chromebooks built in 2021 to say.

Can you imagine how long the battery would last on this laptop?

What I did notice was when I switched away from Google Chrome browser to Brave browser, that my typical battery life was around 80 minutes with Chrome browser, while the battery lasted for around 105 minutes with Brave browser.

Now while I’m in this transitional period, I thought I’d try the Apple Safari browser too and see how the battery life holds up. For the record, my battery is nearing its end of life, with 1160 cycles (how many times it’s been charged) and 56% capacity of the original 4060 mAh remaining.

… Okay, I’m back. Got 96 minutes on the stopwatch clock while using Safari on this old MacBook Air. #ymmv

How am I measuring battery life?

I open a stopwatch as soon as the MacBook Air laptop powers up, and then see what the time is when the laptop shuts down. I use the laptop like I normally would, doing a bunch of emails, social media, maybe watch a video or two, but not intensively doing audio or video, just to see how it’d work on my normal usage.

Question to you: What kind of battery life have you found with your Mac OSX?