There’s one page in the Bluehost knowledge base (at time of this post, on December 7, 2020) about how to setup a WordPress staging site

Supposedly if your Bluehost WordPress site was created after July 2017, you’d automatically have a Bluehost section in your admin dashboard, as illustrated above. But, I’m working on a Bluehost account older than 2017, so it doesn’t have that Bluehost section. And the instructions to download the plugin going to the URL actually only goes to and there’s no plugin to download.

So I’m stuck. I’m on hold with Bluehost Support via Chat. They’re trying to install a plugin called Mojo Marketplace. Now s/he has to increase the PHP limits. Still waiting.

What is that plugin called?

It’s called WordPress Staging Website (Beta), according to this Bluehost knowledge base article-

Duplicating a WordPress Website

If an installation needs to be copied, several plugins are available to handle duplicating and migrating content. See WordPress Staging Website (Beta) to learn more about putting your WordPress website in Maintenance Mode. Please take note, this option in WordPress is still under development by the developers, which means it’s not the final version yet. If further assistance is needed, WP Live can be purchased on a monthly subscription. Call our 24/7 support staff to add WP Live at 888-401-4678.

Error When Creating Staging Environment in April 2019

Someone had 66% success with using the Bluehost feature to Create Staging Site, back in April 2019:

My site is hosted with Bluehost and I’m attempting to use their staging feature to create a staging environment. FWIW, I’ve done this successfully on two other sites I have with Bluehost.

However, this particular site is being problematic. Every time I click the “Create Staging Site” button it starts to setup the staging environment but almost immediately shows a grey error message at the bottom of the screen, “Unable to authenticate the action”. Then is disappears.

Meanwhile, the screen continues to say, “we’re setting up your new staging environment” but it never completes. I even let it run overnight and it was still “setting it up” by morning. My other two sites completed the setup in just a few minutes.

And, after trying for 3 months, still couldn’t get it to work.

Why Hosting Brands Like Bluehost use Mojo Marketplace

A user named Dion mentioned this in the WordPress Support forum

The one-click WordPress installs for all EIG hosting brands (Bluehost, Hostgator, Arvixe, and about 75 others) include a bunch of garbage, Mojo Marketplace among them. Last time I checked, the garbage also included a couple MU plugins.

This is a common problem with one-click installs, which is why most applications (WordPress included) strongly advise to not use them. It is also a problem with many “WordPress Hosting” plans. Such plans are oftentimes nothing more than a standard hosting plan with a “one-click install” version of WordPress pre-installed.