What previous generations searched for in life was its meaning, significance, and purpose. You know, the timeless question of what is the meaning of life. In recent years, there’s a lot of chatter about calling. In my life experience, I’ve found the word calling to be varied and broad in its meaning and application.

The most powerful process I’ve experienced to date that helped me to discern the essence of my personal calling is related to this life visioning process now called Younique.

Get Bible Based, Personal Breakthrough with a Plan to a Dream Job

Will Mancini explained this process was 10 years in the making: Younique launched as a new training company that brings a simple and powerful Life Plan experience to believers everywhere. It’s not just a brand new life planning process. It’s the first personal calling and life visioning experience for the church, thru the church to release the church.

The official website for this Younique company that helps churches and individuals discover their personal callings is lifeyounique.com – Younique is a life-long process of discovering and living out your unique life call.


About this Personal Calling Discovery Process

Personal Calling — Younique: Gospel Centered Life Design

Gospel-Centered Life Design could radically change the trajectory and fruitfulness of your life.

Some of the people that facilitate this life-changing process are: Will Mancini, Dave Rhodes, David Loveless, and Kandi Pfeiffer.