The internet now has this wonderful new domain extension so people can have email addresses that end in a .EMAIL instead of .INFO or .COM. What’s great about these new top-level domains is that they just make sense.

Here’s a real life scenario. You meet Joe and he gives you his email JOE@EXAMPLE.XYZ — and you didn’t quite hear what he said after the dot. Or, you forgot it. You don’t have to be guessing and asking yourself, was it .INFO, or .NET, or .ORG, or .CO?? When Joe uses a .EMAIL extension, he has an unforgettable email like JOE@EXAMPLE.EMAIL.

This list has email services I could find so far with a .EMAIL ending. Please add a comment with other ones you know of or find.

Email Inbox – free webmail – secure email #paid – secue email #paid – secure email #paid – email with custom domains #paid

Disposable & Temporary Emails

Email Newsletter Service Provider #freemium

Other Email Services – send or share files up to 2GB for free – email for groups – hosted Exchange email – hosted email in the cloud – mail server software you can setup – email marketing evaluation service – email manager to help get it to inbox zero