This is an important conversation starter, as Asian American Christian ministry leaders begin to engage in a public discussion about racial dynamics of evangelicalism. There’s a lot more Asian Americans have to contribute. I like his reflections beyond diagnosing the problems and coming up with several suggestions that could gain traction.. kudos.

Raymond Chang

If you’ve been following the conversation on Lecrae’s reverse exodus from white evangelicalism, you will know the following has taken place:

  1. Lecrae released his new album, “All Things Work Together”
  2. Lecrae mentioned his divorce from white evangelicalism on a Truth’s Table interview.
  3. John Piper wrote an article on Desiring God and Christianity today responding to Lecrae’s departure from white evangelicalism expressing his gratitude for Lecrae’s faith, asking questions about the role of racial identity development in the church, and asking what Lecrae’s loosening from white evangelicalism means for multi-ethnic relations.
  4. I responded to the question about what Lecrae’s loosening from White Evangelicalism means to multi-ethnic relations in an open letter to John Piper.
  5. Bryan Loritts’ responded affirming what was written in my open letter, while also expressing his exhaustion being in white evangelical spaces. He then called for people of color to create their own spaces and invite…

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