My family enjoyed a great visit to Museum of the Bible during its first week of opening in Washington DC, on Black Friday 2017 at that. Having had a great first visit, and it’s estimated to take at least 9 days to see everything in the museum, I shared these 7 Tips for Visiting the Museum of the Bible @ I hope to visit again soon, but that’s going to be quite a haul, since I live out here in Orange County, California.


Like the Bible itself, the museum has stirred up many debates and discussions, encouraging believers and enraging critics. You can easily find them doing a search on Google News. There’s been mixed reviews from across the spectrum of all persuasions, so that’s a good indicator that the museum curators have put together something engaging for all.

The museum hasn’t gotten a ton of chatter on the blogosphere yet, but the museum has been getting over 10,000 visitors every day so far, from what I’ve overheard. I personally think that if the museum gets the chatter about the Bible going again, hopefully with civil discussions, that can be a good thing.

I haven’t decided how much I should be tracking the discussions about the museum, though a part of me is very curious to see how people will respond and react in the weeks and months to come. Something to keep an eye on, for sure. And, maybe it’ll have a big wave of visitors during this Christmas season too. They even read the Bible at Disneyland as part of a Christmas celebration during 2 nights of the year. Maybe that’ll get a mention in a future exhibit at the museum.