Someone filing a complaint against you?

I just received this voicemail from ‘someone trying to help me’—

“OK yes my name is Julie Barnett you know what I can I don’t know if the phone bad disconnected are you didn’t hang up so basically I’m going to give you the name and the number of the people that are trying to find us a complaint against you for you did you want if you want to ask any questions or if you have any concerns regarding these ashes are going to be five issue we definitely need to call us immediately the number is 855-412-7708 your case number is 37### if you think this is a scam but is now so we’re just definitely trying to help you get this information if you don’t want it then we’ll go ahead and proceed to the nest and we will be forced to make a decision without your consent not once again if you’re going to go ahead and call that number whenever you can if not that’s fine I _⁠_⁠_ just go ahead and process this complaint against you I will put our hold onto your account to see if you do call and just to see if this is a scam…”


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