ISAAC Honoring Pastor Louis Lee


Honoring Pastor Louis Lee at the ISAAC Forum Nor Cal on Monday, September 26, 2016Tim Tseng: “Even though Asian American Christians are still largely separated by ethnicity, denominations, and generations today, under Louis’ leadership, there was a moment in the 1990s and 2000s when a generation of diverse Asian American evangelical leaders fellowshiped and conferenced together. Louis is an honest and humble leader – probably to a fault. But these qualities are exactly what was needed to build that amazing moment in history where a pan-Asian American vision was experienced by Christians of his generation. Over the last ten years, Asian American Christianity has changed so much. We have become more silo-ed and less interested in our Asian American identity and experience. So I’m not optimistic that we’ll ever capture that pan-Asian vision again unless leaders who display the same courage and graciousness as Louis Lee rise to the challenge. But for tonight, let’s honor Louis and the remarkably transformative impact that he has made!”


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