Maps for Pokémon Go, with PokéStops & Gyms

A list of websites with maps for Pokémon Go, some even track where Pokémons were captured—

Pokémon GO Map (Global) – the map is powered by Google Maps and the mapping team is based in Australia – Pokémon Go Map for Gyms and PokéStop ~ created by @MrWigster

MAPokemon-logo – a crowd-sourced map of PokéStops, Gyms, and where Pokémons captured – “a colaborative Pokémon GO map tool created to help players find their favorite Pokémon location around the world” ~ Created by @felipefrancisco Pokémon GO map ~ under construction

pokemongomap.png article, ‘Pokémon Go’ Poké Stop Map: How to Find Stops & Gyms in Your Area, mentions 2 options for finding a good map:

The first is to make use of Ingress, a game developed by the same company that made Pokémon Go. It operates under a similar premise of having players visit real-life locations, and Niantic seems to have used this map as the basis for the Pokémon Go map…

Your second option is to check out this map that fans of the game have been slowly assembling on the Pokémon Go subreddit. This one is even more incomplete, as it is gradually being developed by players, and the game simply hasn’t been out for long enough to fill up the whole thing…



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