Making Info Easier to Find

When I have a difficult time finding the answer to a question I have, I’ll do the research, and then post my findings in a blog post. And from the most popular posts at one of my blogs, you can see that other people are looking for these things too. Rather than everyone spending hours looking for the answers, I’ll do my part to share the answers I found and make it easier for others to find the answer more quickly when they go using search engines:

Connecting your Chromecast on Belkin N300 Router

How to reset Prius C maintenance required light

How to Download YouTube videos on Google Chrome

How to reset Oil Change Required alert on Jeep

What’s a good CTR? Click through rate benchmarks

most commonly used subdomains, aka third level domains

Difference between snow bubble and icy or snow smoothie and icy slush

How to change Mailchimp subject line after editing body text

The Peasant Princess sermon series by Mark Driscoll

China has No Gmail and No Yahoo Mail. What email to use?

How to search blogs with Google Blog Search gone?

Switching back to Silverlight from Flash Player on Amazon Instant Video

How to Add a Custom URL to your WordPress Gallery Images

Great places for walking in the OC (Orange County, California)

What is Boba Royal Milk Tea? At Lollicup anyways…

Singaporean rice noodles – is it yellow or is it not?

Registering a Domain Name Forever

What does mean? It’s a system alert notification thing.

Easiest and Cheapest WordPress Hosting is RapidPress. Here’s why.

Richard Greene, an expert on public speaking

Unclaimed Domain Names as comedy

sample church weekly email newsletter


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