Good question. Especially enticing is the “unlimited cloud storage from Amazon” for just $59.99 per year (at the time of this blog post).

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Unlimited space sounds great, but you have to get your files uploaded there. And that’s not as easy as it could be or should be. Should you pay for unlimited everything? Your answer may vary, and the thing you’d want to find out is how fast you can upload files. That depends on your Internet connection and how well the Amazon Cloud Drive app software works from your computer’s laptop.

Screen_Shot_2016-04-02_at_11_06_23_AM.pngHow fast is Amazon Cloud Drive uploading? Some feedback found in the Amazon help community:

Cloud Drive Desktop – resume uploading: “… if you restart your computer while the Cloud Drive is trying to upload your files, it will stop the process and you will have to start over.”

I have been uploading 2.5TB backup for 9 weeks now. This far 1TB is uploaded and 1.5TB left. As my upstream bandwidth is about about 15Mbit, this first 1TB should have taken about 10 days, not 9 weeks. There is definitely some heavy throttling going on. The first 0.5TB took 3 weeks, while the next 0.5TB took 6 weeks. If the throttling keeps slowing this down, it may never complete.  … Now 2 months later upload is almost complete. looks lile the speed is fairly consistent at 0.6TB / month.

Do you want to wait for days and weeks to upload a large file? No. Mostly likely not. From my own experience and other indicators, the best answer is looking like: “Not yet.”