Taking a Taxi from Aliso Viejo to John Wayne Airport (SNA)

Sometimes when I need to get to the airport, it’s one of those early morning flights. Taxi fares are a legitimate business expense, reimburseable at that, and I don’t want to wake a friend or family member up so early. And on those early morning rides, I’m not all that sure Uber will be available, and Uber doesn’t allow reservations (yet?).

Found out that some taxis have flat rates (instead of the more expensive metered rate) for rides to and/or from the airport. Here’s the flat rate taxi fares I found for going from Aliso Viejo to John Wayne Airport (SNA):

California Yellow Cab $49 714-444-4444

OC Yellow Cab $34 949-364-7000

800-4my-Taxi (A Taxi Cab) $38 714-258-9000

OC Airport Taxi $32 800-511-3124

Orange County Taxi Administration Program (OCTAP) regulates the taxis that operate in Orange County, California, and has this list of Orange County Approved Taxicab Companies.


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