Rick Warren Introduces Saddleback Church’s 5 Daring Faith Goals

After Easter 2015 and the 35th anniversary of Saddleback Church, Pastor Rick Warren started teaching through a church-wide campaign called Daring Faith, weaving together the sermons and small groups video curriculum.


On the weekend of April 25-26, these 5 Daring Faith goals were introduced during the message “Daring to Plant in Faith“:

  • Facilitate 40,000 worshippers at weekend services by 2020 (40th anniversary) – by launching 10 campuses
  • Assist 250,000 needy people through local PEACE plan – by opening 10 new PEACE centers
  • Interconnect our growing church family through new technologies
  • Train 25% of members to be global leaders – through the Saddleback Global Leadership Training Center
  • Help take the good news to the last 3,000 unreached tribes on earth

[download pdf scan of handout] [UPDATE: the Daring Faith giving campaign brochure is now online]


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