#InspiredMobility is for the Inspired Mobility campaign of AT&T

The hashtag #InspiredMobility was launched in July 2014 by AT&T to be “a national conversation about the cultural shift in how people use mobile and Internet technology to enhance their faith experience.” The official press release mentioned how it all started, Inspired Mobility: Using Mobile Technologies to Uplift and Inspire —

… Jason Caston, an AT&T consultant and spokesperson, and digital platform and innovation specialist for T.D. Jakes Ministries, kicked-off the Inspired Mobility conversation during the AT&T sponsored closing session entitled, Trending Topics in Tech: Faith in a Mobile World.


Chip Dizard recorded part of that conversation-starter; listen to – Inspired Mobility: Faith in a Mobile World (Podcast). And the conversation is starting on a handful of blogs here and there, like this one, Selfies in church? Yes, please – how technology is amplifying inspired moments (flowerscomm.com) —

Many, not all, African Americans are deeply connected to their faith community, which serves as the bedrock of spiritual activity, and is a place where key stakeholders who want to have high reach and credible relationships with this community, turn to share messages. Brands with programs such as AT&T’s Inspired Mobility have achieved great success in connecting with the black community, in a relevant way, where they are already actively engaged. According to a recent AT&T survey in collaboration with EBONY magazine, the research points to an overwhelming acceptance with more than 90% of survey respondents indicating technology has a place in the church. Additionally, nearly 80% of respondents indicated that technology has had a positive impact on their worship experience, with the largest percentage of respondent’s using mobile devices to read scripture (22%) or take notes (15%).

At the moment, the conversation is coming and going on social media, so if you happen to catch the hashtag #InspiredMobility in your timeline, you can see what the chatter is and add to the conversations. Or you can start one, but that’s kind of a scary leap of faith when no one adds a comment or reply.

Maybe there will be an online home for this campaign soon where people can more easily see all the current conversations and it’d be more fun to join in…


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