Coworking out and about South Orange County

Finding a place with WiFi is easy, some locations easier than others. Finding a place with power outlets is more challenging.

I’m elated to find a new favorite spot today at Irvine Spectrum, no your typical coffee-house wifi hotspot. This one is called Yard House. (ht: openwifispots) Great lunch and great place to work if you like the noise — my sound meter app clocked the noise level at a steady 65 db.

And then there are the usual other wifi hotspots around Irvine Spectrum, the likes of Starbucks, Corner Bakery Cafe, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Barnes & Noble. And there’s the stand-up counters at the Apple Store too.

Yes, I realize most people don’t come to Irvine Spectrum to be coworking; and I’m not so sure there’s all that much shopping going on. In my current season of work, I can work anywhere there’s Internet, and I don’t work well in the quiet silence of a home office.

So I’m always on the lookout for good places where I can work on the go, where there is a good mix of people around doing whatever it is that they’re doing. Yes, I’m the guy that prefers to sit at the group table in the library and not the cubicle.

Also see my other coworking location lists:

#list Aliso Viejo coworking spaces and wifi hotspots


[update] found out via @ that what I’m describing above is called #cofficing or #coffice cf.

What is a Coffice?
Cof-fice (/ˈkôfis/) A coffee shop one makes into an office where non-coffee shop work is performed. (Source: UrbanDictionary)


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