unable to migrate posts from here to my main blog djchuang.com

I used the export command here at this wordpress.com and wanted to import my posts over to my main blog at http://djchuang.com but most of those posts didn’t import properly. Here’s what I was thinking: I’m starting to pick up significant traffic here with my random blog posts and I thought it’d be better for people to connect with all of my content in one place at my main blog, rather than having 2 or 3 or more blogs scattered all over the internet.

While my main blog also runs on WordPress, the self-installed wordpress.org kind, apparently there is more to it than just export/import to migrate content. I don’t want to expend the time to figure out what else needs to be configured or tweaked to get all the posts here migrated over.. what I might do is the old-fashioned copy/paste of the popular posts to migrate the content over, and that’ll be a lot easier than trying to work at the code or XML level trying to debug and troubleshoot why importing didn’t work right.

If you have a quick tip on how to get the export/import to work better, please add a comment here and let me know, ok? thanks a bunch


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