Using the most popular Android smartphone Samsung Galaxy S3 (at&t) with Cyanogenmod 10.x and I haven’t yet heard a sound with calendar event reminder notification, even though the notification does show up in the notification panel. The whole point of having a reminder is an audible sound, not just an item that silently shows in the notification panel. YMMV (your mileage may vary) but here’s some of the possible solutions I found (and sharing them here so you can find them easier than I did):android-notification

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I downloaded Calendar Event Reminder [$] as suggested and it does just what I want. Odd that Samsung will let you download and use other phone ringtones, but not notification tones for the calendar.

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This default calendar is useless with the default notifications, which are probably made for humans with super hearing and super senses, like Wolverine.

For the rest of us:

Install the “Tone Picker” free app from the market place.
If you haven’t installed the “calendar snooze” app, then then do the following in order:
1) go to the calendar
2) press the menu button
3) press Settings, scroll down to “Select ringtone” and press it
4) You are presented with a pop-up, choose “tone picker”
5) Choose “music”
6) Select from one of the music files, and you’re done

If you have installed the calendar snooze application:
1) Go to calendar snooze, press menu button
2) Go to Notification settings
3) Go to Calendar All Calendars
4) Go to Notification Settings
5) Go to Notification Tone
6) You are presented with a popup, choose “Tone Picker”
7) Choose “music”
8) Select from one of the music files, and you’re done

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I noticed the silence too when first installed this rom, but then discovered the notification sound for each app (calendar, messaging, gmail/email..) could be set individually in their preferences. For some reason they all defaulted to “silent”. Hope you’ll get it sorted out!

What worked for me: installing Tone Picker app. (so I didn’t go thru all the other options to see what else would work with my particular phone, and that’s the thing with Android smartphones, every one of them have a different setting or configuration, software and hardware, so no one answer works for everyone and everybody}