Bible Teacher Pastor Chris Fukunaga

One of the passionate and gifted Bible teachers in the Japanese-American community is Crit Fukunaga, aka Chris Fukunaga. He’s worked as a church planter and itinerant Bible teacher; didn’t find too much on the Internet about him when I searched online, so I thought I’d be of help and post what I could find here, because I think he’s worth finding and hearing. (And, for full disclosure, he’s a relative of mine, married to one of my cousin-in-laws.)

Crit Fukunaga

About Crit Fukunaga

Church Planter of City Bible Church in Artesia, California []

Founder & Pastor Emeritus of A Village Community, Long Beach, California

Retreat Speaker at 2010 Youth Winter Retreat – Cerritos Baptist Church Youth Ministry

Connected to The Missionary Church Denomination


featured in Missional Challenge Newsletter, January 04, 2012: A Village Community – From Darkness to Light


5 Insights into Suffering and Death from Job 12/1/13 at Crossroads Church, Mission Viejo, CA

Loving Others @ Jesus at Baycities Lomita, August 11, 2013

Reflections on the #100 Reasons for Spiritual Boredom (Romans 12:1 and 1 Thessalonians 2:19) July 2013 at Victory Fellowship, Torrance, CA

Four Things God Taught Me When I Obeyed His Mission For My Life
June 9, 2013 – Chris Fukunaga at The Garden Christian Fellowship (Chatsworth, CA)

September 2, 2012 – Chris Fukunaga  at The Garden Christian Fellowship (Chatsworth, CA)

Walk in Love (mp3) – Chris Fukunaga at AACF Long Beach, March 2013

Mt Hermon Inter High Youth Camp 2013 (JEMS Mount Hermon Conference)


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