Employees will come and go over the course of time, that’s part of the circle of work life. And there are times when an ex-employee has login information to a Twitter account (or whatever social network, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, etc) and it wasn’t captured by the company for whatever reason. How can your company or organization recover that Twitter account, especially important when that is the corporate voice on social media? Each social network has its own procedures and policies.

From my research and attempt to recover an organizational account, the short answer from Twitter is: “Sorry, we can’t help you. We require verification of either the email address and/or mobile number tied to the account in order to access it.


Unfortunately, Twitter does not seem willing to disclose the email address associated with a Twitter username. For your company or organization, you’d probably have an easier time gaining access to your ex-employee’s email inbox, and if so, send a reset-password command for the Twitter account and hope the reset info comes to that inbox.

However, if your company has a trademark associated with that Twitter username, then you’ve got another route to recover access to the Twitter account. Fill out the Report a trademark issue form to confirm that you are the trademark holder or authorized representative, and related info for the federal or international trademark registration number.

A most important lesson to learn from incidents like this, Ex-Employee Sued $340,000 Over Twitter Account And What It Means To You, is for companies and organizations to secure login access to all of its digital properties: social media, websites, emails, servers, etc etc. Treat digital properties as seriously and diligently as securing keys and locks for physical buildings and assets.

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