Pastor Rick Warren to Share Vision for Saddleback Church Irvine Campus

Pastor Rick Warren to Share Vision for Saddleback Church Irvine Campus

City Officials Scheduled to Thank Leader with Local, Worldwide Reach; Celebrate 5 Years in Community

IRVINE, Calif. – Best-selling author and pastor Rick Warren plans to visit Saddleback Church’s Irvine regional campus at Northwood High School on Sunday in celebration of five years in Orange County’s gateway city on Sunday.

Mayor Steven Choi, along with Councilwoman Christina Shea, are scheduled to award Warren with a certificate of recognition for his “significant leadership role in supporting and impacting thousands of lives through the ministry of Saddleback Church.”

“This year, we celebrated Irvine’s 5-year anniversary. Saddleback Irvine has added 675 new members and 375 people of Irvine have been baptized,” Warren said. “Let’s give God praise for the blessings of changed lives in Irvine, and look to see more transformation.”

Warren will be at all three church services on Sunday to receive the award and talk about his vision for the future of the Irvine church campus. Pastor Rick will unveil his focus of creating local churches that meet the needs of the community, provide leadership development and training, and offer life-changing programs.

Church officials say there are big plans in the works for Saddleback Church Irvine, including finding a permanent location. The emphasis now and in the future for the church includes providing community services to residents of Irvine, patterned after its PEACE Center at its main campus in Lake Forest. The center provides food, counseling, financial and legal help for those looking for support.

The Irvine community is the fastest growing city in all of Southern California. It is also one of the most diverse cities in OC where no one ethnicity is above 50% (White 45%, Asian 39%, Hispanic 9%), according to the US Census. Three major highways cut through Irvine, including a major airport, and an internationally renowned university (UCI).

“I’m so excited about what God is doing through Saddleback Irvine,” Warren said. “The campus has continued to grow every year, becoming our largest regional campus. So, let’s not slow down!”


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