Flipcam is still very useful with an error message

I have one piece of obsolete technology that I still use – the Flipcam. Though the smartphone has replaced the need for another device like this, one big reason I still prefer to have this extra device is this = battery life. Smartphones have short battery life, so I don’t want to be draining its battery by shooting videos! I need my smartphone for phone calls, texting, tweeting, and navigation.

I still haven’t found what I’m looking for to resolve this one annoying thing. When I plug in the Flipcam into my USB port to copy off the videos onto my Mac, it pops up with this error message:

“Unexpected error. Could not download the required files for update. The application will NOT be updated. Try again later.”

I’ve searched all over the internet high and low. How do you turn off this error message so it never shows up? Is there a way to turn off Flipcam’s software from always checking for updates? Still haven’t found the solution. Help?


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