10 Tips from Chris Brogan to Get More Twitter Followers Today


  1. Find great stories from other people and share them with a link and/or attribution. Do this 3 times or more a day!
  2. Share useful information that others can use, too! example: “I’ve discovered that Blip.fm is very useful for sharing my musical interests.” Bonus points if you provide the URL.
  3. Participate in online events that use #hashtags, because others in the event will find you and appreciate you, too!
  4. Respond to OTHER PEOPLE using the @reply method. This is advanced, so here’s an example: “@glendawh – Is it true you were out all night last night singing karaoke?”
  5. Use Twitter Search http://search.twitter.com to find people talking about the things YOU talk about, and follow them!
  6. Add your Twitter URL to your signature line in your email! Easy to do!
  7. Don’t overtweet more than 20 a day is a bit spooky to most people.
  8. Don’t talk about your food unless you’re me!
  9. Don’t use Twitter like IM use direct messages for that
  10. Don’t tweet all about you: tweet all about them.

via Get More Twitter Followers TODAY.


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