Father God, we pray for Friend today, especially as she enters into another one of a series of challenging conversations. I know it’s been emotionally and even spiritually draining for Friend and for all those involved, and I pray that your Holy Spirit that indwells Friend and (some or all of) others involved will guide and facilitate this to be a Spirit-filled conversation, seasoned with salt and grace, that each one would be more sensitive to the other, and less sensitive about themselves, that all the cards would be on the table, and a good resolution that is respectable and honorable to every one involved and impacted would come about. That is our prayer and our hearts desires. We believe that you are God and you can read the words of our prayer as well as hear them verbally said out loud, so thank you for hearing us. Your will be done. Your name be glorified. Your grace be abundantly experienced. In Jesus’ loving caring name, Amen.

[aside: this was a prayer I prayed and shared over a Facebook message, and God used these words to help my friend, and I think there's a beauty to written prayer, and a power to the written word, so I thought I'd share it with you, when you or someone you know has to enter a difficult conversation]