Starting that Atkins diet

Had a physical last week, and the doctor recommended me losing 25 lbs. so I won’t be overweight, not to be confused with obese. FYI, I weighed in at 180 at the doctor’s office with clothes on, 5’8″, and he wants me down to 155.

I don’t know who reads my blog over here, and so I’m not sure I’d be all that encouraged or better off for doing a daily entry with my food log. Definitely not doing a food photo blog.

I opted to go with the infamous Atkins diet, rather than a friend’s suggestion of reduced portion salad and mini protein lifehack diet.
Atkins is good because I can eat meats, but sure would be better if there was an app that’d do the net carb counting for me, instead of my trying to thumb through a 42-page chart every time.

I started Friday night 9/14/12. My body has not yet adjusted to this new eating lifestyle. Sigh.


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