“Technology can be a wonderful gift from God,” says Dr. Kevin Livingston, Associate Professor of Pastoral Ministry at Tyndale. “It can be used to share the message and connect the church, but it’s not an unmixed blessing.” Dr. Livingston often uses PowerPoint presentations and the Internet to show different worship styles around the world. “Via YouTube we can watch a worship service in Beijing, people worshiping under a tree in Uganda, and Scottish Presbyterians chanting the Psalms in Gaelic.” Tyndale professors are examining the use of technology in their classrooms. Laptops are increasingly the note-taking tool of choice but, with games and the Internet, they can become a distraction. Students can surf the web or talk to friends online instead of paying attention to the lecture. However, the technology that can become a distraction is the same technology professors are using to enhance their lectures.

via The Hybrid Models of Tyndale | Tyndale.