<blockquote class=’posterous_long_quote’><p>The future has already arrived, and it has little to do with people like me.&nbsp; In the global body of Christ, we have seen a remarkable shift in the balance of power.&nbsp; Those of us in the west in general and North America in particular are used to being in the seat of power and influence; we are used to being those who shape global conversation in the Church.&nbsp; Our sense of self-importance is innate.&nbsp;&nbsp; Drunk on the rhetoric of America as a new Israel, our Christian faith a curious syncretism of sentimental piety and manifest destiny, we send missionaries into the world.&nbsp; We ship our virtues and vices wholesale into all the earth.</p><p>…. &nbsp; It is a very small world that we live in that feels deceitfully large.&nbsp; We have blogs, we write books, we talk about the most recent issue of <em>Christianity Today</em>.&nbsp; So it is easy to think we are the center of the universe.</p><p>We did not notice that the world has already moved on.&nbsp; We didn???t notice that the wind of the Spirit left us, and that there is a new world coming in Latin America and Africa and Asia that rendered us inconsequential.&nbsp; We enjoyed our time in the mainstream well enough to forget that the move of God always comes from the margins.</p></blockquote>