???The idea is that we bring people to church. We know certain kinds of topics the Bible speaks about and the world talks about,??? Bennett said. ???If that (relationships) is what people are talking about, the church can also be part of that conversation.???

The series is just the first of many in St. Luke???s new partnership with Church of the Resurrection in Leawood, Kan., as part of a pilot program with three other churches.

Through the partnership, Church of the Resurrection, a congregation of around 17,000 members, helps smaller churches, like St. Luke???s with an active congregation of 80 people, get the resources and content needed to build their membership.

So during regular worship services, lectures like the ???Love, Sex and Marriage??? series are presented by Church of the Resurrection???s pastor, the Rev. Adam Hamilton, via an internet video stream, instead of Bennett.

???We???re looking at restructuring the geography of the church. Why not use today???s technology to make our ministries more vital???? Bennett said. ???If this works, after a couple of years, as St. Luke???s grows, we will partner with other smaller churches.???