Lao Gan Ma Sauce (Old Dry Mom Sauce)

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If you ever go to an Asian foods store, of course you do this is TL we are talking about, you might have seen this. But of course you might be scared to buy it or try it out but have no fear THIS STUFF IS GOOD!

This chilli sauce is not that spicy but it certainly adds a lot of flavor to dishes. It goes literally with everything, ramen, dumplings, noodles, rice dishes, and tons of other stuff. The main flavor they make is spicy black bean sauce, and in my opinion that flavor taste the best. There are also other flavors you can try, but beware to my knowledge there is one type that has peanuts in it. Watch out for that if you have or you know people with allergies. It apparently goes well with A LOT of western foods too, but I haven’t tried.

Facebook group:
You can find recipes and talk to other Lao Gan Ma eaters there!


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