Laoganma: chili sause as well as hot enterprise | Jiayu’s Blog

A successful and special enterprise that I have heard about is called Laoganma, which is the brand of a chili sauce. Laoganma is quite popular in China. And it is said that wherever there are Chinese people, there would surely  be Laoganma.  I have read about the founder of Laoganma. Her name is Tao Bihua. She is 62 years old now and she is still the chairwoman of  the board of this enterprise.

Tao is such an successful entrepreneur. She started this business by selling bottles of chili sauce by herself. And also, the chili sauce was produced all by herself. The recipe that Laoganma is using today is exactly the recipe that was used by Tao to make the sauce. After she has sold this kind of sauce for while, people began to love this sauce and Tao found it was hard to meet the demand. So she started to found a factory. There was risk, for she is the first one to build a food factory in her hometown and she didn’t know a lot about business. Actually she hardly recognized Chinese characters! However, she solved almost every problems occurred during the organizing of this business using her intelligence. Eventually, Laoganma has been formed. Now this company produces 1.3 million bottles of chili sauce and delivers all of the production to over 30 different countries and regions. It makes over 2.5 billion sales a year. These data indicate the amount and speed of wealth creation of this enterprise.

via Laoganma: chili sause as well as hot enterprise | Jiayu's Blog.


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