6 Ways to Be a Cool Kid and NOT a Jerk | Rich Kirkpatrick’s Weblog

Here are some questions to keep your cool/uncool in check:

  • Does your family and close friends esteem you in the same way your social media followers do? When you are down or at the bottom, if those that know you best still have the thumbs up you are in good shape! The opposite means you are simply a jerk. Don???t be a jerk. Being cool is not bad if you end up there.
  • In building coolness, what are your ethics? The reality is that in giving away to others you actually grow influence that lasts. But, in doing political favors you buy into human fickleness. You might be in, but will soon be out. Church politics can be played or overridden. The quid pro quo is superseded by first becoming last in godly leadership.
  • Are you perfect? No. Of course not. I have to remember to be human and ???in process??? just like the rest of you. No photo-shopped social media campaign will last forever. People are not perfect. And, perfect people are actually boring, right? But, I think sharing too much online or in person can be self-serving. Boundaries make sense. Use them. 
  • What have you done for me lately? As leaders in churches or in faith circles we feel entitled to honor. Really, the honor is service. Just as a parent needs to mature to put child above self, so a leader serves his community. It is time to shed the entitlement as pastor, worship leader, or board member. This does not mean becoming a punching bag either since only the well-being of others comes first, not their selfish whims. 
  •  Do you hype too much? There is nothing more annoying than a Facebook or Twitter of ???the best church service ever??? or ???most amazing pastor??? and so forth. Hyping is not for God  but to associate you with success in front of others. I suggest turning hype into praise. ???Thank God for our church service this weekend??? and ???I am thankful to God for our pastor??? ring better and truer.
  • Who speaks truth in love to you? Having relationships that could care less about your status and more about your marriage must be fostered. I am thankful I have friends who care for me beyond what I write or sing in front of others. In fact, these are the most valuable people on the planet???starting with my wife and two kids. The challenge is to grow that circle and maintain it. These are the ones left when nothing else is left standing.


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