The Spirituality of Social Media: A Two Author Conversation on the Future of Christianity

As social media increasingly shapes the worldview of 20/30 somethings, how will this change the way Christians and others think about faith and participate in faith communities? Some people think online communities represented the death of “real” relationships. But othe

rs claim (like our witty featured speakers) that the new online communities actually encourage people of faith to be more inclusive, participatory, compassionate (through justice activism), and therefore more faithful than previous configurations of faith communities. Join the discussion with two nationally known (and witty too!) theologians of our faith & social media moment as we together wrestle with the question: “What Would Jesus Tweet (WWJT)?” Come hear about the social media implications for the future and practice of faith!

To help us examine these important social and spiritual questions, we’ve asked two experts/authors/speakers/

friends who???ve thought a lot about the potential and pitfalls of talking about faith and fostering community through the social media of the 21st Century. Carol Howard Merritt is the author of Reframing Hope: Vital Ministry in a New Generation (Alban) (click here), and co-host/producer of GOD COMPLEX RADIO website (click here) and podcasts. Meredith Gould is the author of The Word Made Fresh: Communicating Church and Faith Today (Morehouse) (click here); she blogs at (click here), and she tweets at Church Social Media Chat (#ChSocM) (click here). They both are popular speakers at church conferences on the topic of faith and social media.

If you are interested in the future and possibilities of faith in a social media world, come join us!

Hope to see everyone there!

Best, Glenn & Jen

More about our Conversation partners:

Carol Howard Merritt is an author, minister, and social media expert who???s written extensively about the emerging spiritual quest & vision of young adults (20 to 39 years old), especially in light of how social media, college debt, geographic transience shapes this generation’s view of life, faith, & community. In her research and writing, Carol is a commentator on the many shifts that are occurring in our society???technological, climactic, cultural, pluralistic–and how they are affecting our spiritual landscape, particularly among people under 40. Her talk will be based on her two recent books Reframing Hope: Vital Ministry in a New Generation (Alban, 2010), Tribal Church: Ministering to the Missing Generation (Alban, 2007). She???s also a blogger for Huffington Post. Besides writing books, she co-hosts GOD COMPLEX RADIO (I love that title!), an website that posts interviews with authors and thought leaders in progressive Christianity.

Meredith Gould is an experienced author, former college professor, and health care social media maven who???s recently turned her thoughts to the challenges and possibilities of living an authentic faith and in community in a social media world. She recently published Word Made Flesh: Communicating Faith and Community Today (Morehouse) that collects her thoughts in one place. She???s also a spiritual seeker who???s belonged to many world religions before ending up in her current spiritual home, the Catholic Church. From her unique faith journey, she’s been able to illuminate new dimensions in inter-faith relations. She???s published eight books since 1998. She founded and moderates the Church Social Media Chat (#ChSocM) on Twitter.

About the Location: There are two Busboys in Washington, DC; please make sure you go to the one on 5th & K for this event (not the one on 14th & V!). This event will be in the Cullen Room which is the venue space in the back for book events!


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