There are two pathways that you can follow. The significant majority of people have come to believe for one reason or another that there is a God. If you’re not sure about that, then one route is to assume there is a God and test that, going through the process that I went through. If you’ve already convinced yourself that there isn’t a God — and so you can’t even test that hypothesis — then you need to ask yourself, does that mean that everyone else is misguided? Or might there be a reason why they think there is one. The reason why I think that is a plausible option is because it’s an important enough question that you don’t want to leave the answer untested.

The other option is for whatever reasons, you are convinced that’s not for you, you can still look to individuals that are the kind of person you want to be like. Using what I offered as a template might make it easier for people to say let me just add one or two other things and once you understand that’s the kind of person you want to become, then you can work on what you need to do in life to become that. I think you need to start from somewhere and I hope that I offer a process by which you can get there.

via Harvard's Clayton Christensen: Instilling the Value of Integrity in Your Heart – Arabic Knowledge@Wharton.