Pastor Search Congregational Survey (Download) | LifeWay Christian

This look like a very handy resource for pastoral search committees in churches looking for a pastor…

The Pastor Search Congregational Survey download is a set of questions that a pastor search team can use to survey their congregation.

This downloadable file is a useful resource for pastor search teams who often need input from their congregation to understand their church’s perceptions and expectations. This survey provides questions that address many aspects of this important decision. The search team simply selects the questions they need.

The Pastor Search Congregational Survey contains a a 12 page Microsoft Word 2007 file that includes:

A 2-page Overview of Surveys and Major Considerations to help you think through every aspect of administering the survey for your congregation;

10 pages of questions in a Microsoft Word 2007 document – making it easy to select the questions you need, edit existing questions, or add your own.

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