How to archive tweets with a twitter hashtag

There are a few web-apps that save tweets automatically and there are good business & marketing reasons as well as research reasons for doing this. For example, to capture conference buzz at an event, or to capture a tweet chat, or to capture customer feedback, or to have a keepsake.

Automated web-apps that monitor and archive tweets:

Manually add tweets via a web-based dashboard:

  • Chirpstory – create stories from tweets
  • Storify – tell stories by curating social media
  • CoverItLive (this can archive hashtagged tweets, automatic or moderated, while an event is running)
  • Or you could copy/paste from – the old fashion way

There’s one web-app called The Archivist that shows a statistical analytical dashboard visualization for a hashtag. Pretty cool, even though it’d be better named as The Dashboard. cf. 30+ twitter tools for research // web-apps for twitter analysis, 10 Ways to Archive Your Tweets (2009)

Or use a self-hosted solution on your own web server: Thinkup, Tweet Nest

And, it may also be useful to capture twitter id’s of people who use a certain hashtag. There may be a web app out there that can do that, and even convert it into a Twitter List.
(This is a moving-target since web-apps (SaaS) come and go, like Twitoaster. I’ll do what I can to keep this list updated.)

[update 7/2013] new web app is really handy for tracking and displaying hashtags across multiple social networks